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LCO TGB Provides Four Scholarships for Heavy Equipment Operator Training

By Joe Morey

News Editor

Five LCO tribal members are participating in a 5-6 week Accelerated, Customized Heavy Equipment Training program after the Tribal Governing Board (TGB) voted to approve supporting four full Scholarships for four LCO members to join the Pilot Training Program offered in Siren.

According to Tim DJock from Train Skills Management, LLC in Siren, Wi, this training is a WIOA Credentialed Industry Certified 5-6week Heavy Equipment CAT Simulator Training at their SOFTEC Venue located in Siren.

“The LCO Team is two-thirds of the way through their training and will be meeting with a team from Meyer Contracting on Thursday Jan. 23 from 2 to 4 pm to network and turn in their updated resumes and applications,” DJock said. “This class of future Heavy Equipment Operators will be graduating on Friday January 31st in the afternoon around 4pm.”

The LCO participants of the class that began on December 23 are shown in photo below L to R: Joshua Luce, Jason Fleming, Aimee Stands, Stephen Milam, Penny Nickence.

“This Program was made possible solely through the support of the LCO Tribal Governing Board, the Leadership of Jason Fleming and the commitment of each LCO trainee representative,” stated DJock. “This program is the start to making Generational Change through an accelerated educational opportunity that will lead to entering the workforce in an accelerated timeline, a win and opportunity for all.”

DJock went on to explain the Certified Course will open doors to the workforce with Heavy Equipment Industry Recognized Certification in an accelerated 5-6week Training Model.

“This Training will enable each trainee the opportunity to join a union sponsorship program through qualifying union companies. In June 2019, the average starting wage as a Union Operating Engineer Apprentice was $24.50 per hour before benefits. Union and non-union opportunities are also available with a variety of heavy equipment construction industry partners locally involving multiple equipment platforms and workload processes.”

The pilot training program state data is recorded to show that our initial nine trainees had an average starting wage of $19.25/hr before benefits. The program model introduces industry partners and allows for personal networking with the teams that will be doing the hiring.

“This networking is invaluable for each participant building confidence while learning the interview process. SOFTEC has received local, regional and tribal government support through an increasing number of industry, business and private Donors. If you have any questions regarding our Training program, please reach out at 715-688-9629. Thank you for your continued interest and support to create this opportunity to making generational change in each NW WI Community,” DJock said.

In addition to the five LCO participants, the current course session is rounded off with three trainees from the St. Croix Tribe and one tribal member from the Mille Lacs Band.

“They complete an incredible Team,” DJock concluded.

The LCO participants from L to R: Joshua Luce, Jason Fleming, Aimee Stands, Stephen Milam, Penny Nickence.


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