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LCO Health Status Report Provided for Recent General Membership Meeting

Editor's Note: The following is a status report that was provided for the Membership at the Tribe's General Membership Meeting held in late September of 2022.

Overall Report

Gary Girard/LCO Health Center Director/Public Health Director, ED. D., M.S., B.A.

The Mission of the Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center is, 'To provide family orientated care in a high quality environment; while fostering innovations that utilize available resources that improve the overall well­ being of our community.'

The Lac Courte Oreilles Health Center provides Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, Pharmacy, Lab, X-ray, Community Health, Health Coach, Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT), Mental Health (MH)/Behavioral Health (BH), Alcohol & Other Drug Addictions, (A.O.D.A)., Coordinated Community Services {CCS), Covid-19 Response, Optometry, Diabetes, Podiatry, MRI, Urgent Care, Purchase Referred Care (PRC), and Transportation support services for the LCO Community.

At our most recent IHS onsite review, Brian Willoughby stated, LCO needs a new health center and specified it should be done as soon as possible. He further stated the need is based on the age of the building and listed many projects needed to bring the building up to code. The LCO Health Center is over 35 years old and is no longer capable of providing the highest quality of health care to the LCO Community. We currently have a backlog of over 400 dental patients waiting for urgent dental care because we do not have space for more operatory offices. Most of our departments are overcrowded.

The LCO Clinic follows the Medical Home Model, which includes close cooperation between departments by working together for improved patient care. This model is compromised when our Bizhiki building is 3 miles from the Health Center.

A Nurse Practitioner was recently added to our Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program. This program has a client base of over 100 patients addressing our leading health care concern, Opioid addiction, and A.O.D. A. support services. The LCO Health Center has sent many patients to detox and residential placement to address this health concern.

In response, our TGB has tentatively approved planning for a new Health Center. This will be a 59,000 sq. ft. facility to be located on Highway K, near the LCO Casino Hotel and walking trail. This facility will allow us to have all of our health center services at one location. With approval from the TGB, LCO Health Center has contracted an LCO tribal member Glenn Hall, as Program Manager. Glenn has considerable experience in Program Management for the LCO Tribe. We have also contracted Brunton Associates, LLC as the engineering firm for the architectural building design, which was also approved by TGB.

LCOTGB is in the process of contracting with Ginsburg, Jacob, LLC, a legal firm, whom will be representing LCO in application for New Market Tax Credits. These funds will be forgiven after 7 years of health center operation. Final Interior design drawing will be submitted on Wednesday, July 13th. In early August, Brunton and Woodstone will sit down and determine a cost for the new structure. This cost estimate will be presented to TGB for final approval for the project, along with financial reporting on the payment structure for the new clinic. The LCO Health Center team will provide a detailed financial plan including down payment, New Market Tax Credits, and federal infrastructure grant dollars. Total cost has not yet been determined. The new clinic is projected to be paid off in 7 to 8 years. Current projected for ground breaking, if approved, is September 1, 2022. Completion date is projected for March, 2024.

The clinic currently has 105 employees. In the last two years we added three Medical Doctors and two new dentists. During the past two years, the MAT program has significantly reduced the incidence of Opioid Overdoses. We are in the process of hiring a Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) to address the rising syphilis infections in Sawyer County. The Wisconsin Health Department will fund this position. Eighty percent of the syphilis cases in Wisconsin are from Sawyer County. The majority of these cases reside on the LCO Reservation. This position will monitor, track, and educate infected community members and notify anyone whom may be at risk due to direct contact. Much like what was done to address Covid-19 infection and spread of the disease.

Our Coordinated Community Services program performs client assessment, referral, and educational support to the community, including psychoeducational programing to increase awareness and promote community wellness.

The LCO Health Center managed to remain open during the Covid-19 Pandemic while providing high quality healthcare to the LCO Community. LCO Health Center has provided over 10,261 Covid-19 vaccines and tested over 10,578 patients. Our Covid-19 team provided contact tracing for all patients testing positive. This was an exhausting effort to contact all close contacts in order to control the spread of the contagion. We hired a Covid-19 response team and leased a trailer on the lower level to separate possible infections from healthy patients to the best of our ability. We lead the way in this effort as we planned in advance and purchased an ultra-cold freezer to store the vaccine. We were able to share the vaccine with other tribes and Sawyer County at large. Protecting all of Sawyer County meant protecting our LCO Community as well. We provided vaccinations at numerous LCO entities, Hayward Schools, and Winter Schools.

The LCO Health Center has recently written for and been approved for a Covid-19 response grant to purchase a mobile medical vehicle which will allow us to address this pandemic and future health concerns by going out into the community to support our tribal members.

The current financial status of the health center is good. Historically, we have operated over 1 million dollars per year in the black. This means our revenue was larger than our expenses. Some recent costs are the result of inflation and wage increases. Our Pharmacy bill has more than doubled as have the cost of other medical supplies. Salary and Fringe costs have risen as well. In order to more fully address these cost increases the health center has trained our registration, benefits, and billing staff. This has increased our revenue by 38 % in the past 14 months. We have charged our benefits department to sign more patients up for Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances. We also hired two medical coders.

Our coding bill for outside coding has dropped significantly. Our write off accounts have dropped due to having our own coders. Formerly, our only credential insurance company was Blue Cross Blue Shield. We have recently credentialed Security Health, and Health Partners which has increased revenue. We are working also with other insurance companies in this regard.

During the past two years, we have installed new siding and insulation, installed new windows to lower energy cost, installed a new state of the art alarm and fire suppression system. We also remodeled several offices which had mold and improved drainage to prevent future problems in this regard. These upgrades were part of the recent survey performed by IHS. Other repairs yet to be done include upgrading furnaces and air conditioners which have outlived their 10 year durable lifespan.

We are attaching departmental reports to reflect better understanding of our program as we address LCO Healthcare concerns.

In summary, the LCO Health Center is in good shape. We will strive to live up to the mission of the health center.

PRC and Benefits Report by James Smith, PRC/Benefits Manager

I was brought back in as the PRC Manager in October 2021, and Benefits was added about a month later, so we combined the two departments together, which in my opinion was a great choice as these two departments work so closely together.

Purchased/Referred Care has been working diligently on processing claims {Payments and denials) within a week of receiving them which is above the standards of 30 days {takes 1-2 weeks for the check), we do from time to time have some that are delayed due to repricing or missing information but we have been getting them all addressed very quickly. Denials and One-Time Waivers have been issued, the One-Time Waiver is intended for patient education and agreement to keep PRC Eligibility current so that the patient can remain eligible for the program.

We have had Arleigh Cleveland retire from the department in November. When she left we transferred in Tanya Manuelito to the PRC Department. We have been continuing to improve the department. We also had a collaboration meeting with St Croix PRC and Benefits departments to review processes and share ideas which went extremely well. We also have PRC (Tanya and Jody Quaderer) scheduled for training in Reno NV in a couple weeks for a workshop.

Benefits has also been improving! We have welcomed Christopher Gokey to the Benefits team, alongside Nikki Martin. Chris will also be attending the training in Reno. Our uninsured patients count has been dramatically reduced due to the benefits specialist's working hard to get everyone possible set up with Wisconsin MA, Marketplace, or other insurance available. I've heard from Rae Baker in third party billing and she had a meeting with the new auditor with the tribe, and he was impressed with how many of our patients now have some sort of health coverage, which improves our revenue through third-party billing. Ramona Morrow was a big part of this success and transition too, she transferred to medical, which was when we moved Chris into the department. We will continue to grow and improve our departments. We have been going through the daily medical schedule to catch the patients that need to meet with benefits. This has helped tremendously.

Dental Status Report Dr. Harper

The LCOHC Dental Department is outgrowing its' space! We currently have two full time and two part-time dentists, two full time hygienists, four dental assistants, and one front office dental specialist. We are currently interviewing for an additional front office support specialist. We are looking forward to the proposed new health center which will allow space for additional providers. During the initial COVID outbreak and the year following, we were - per CDC protocol - limiting treatment to basic oral care and emergency services. Since hiring the additional dentists in the Fall of 2021, we are back to providing a full spectrum of dental care services as well as daily emergency services and are working diligently through the list of patients waiting for comprehensive care. We also have a long list of new patients waiting to establish care and begin treatment. The additional space in the new clinic will allow room for the hire of another full time dentist, another hygienist, and eventually the addition of other specialty services. The LCOHC Dental Department team is working hard to provide the highest quality dental care services to all who desire treatment.

Medical Dept status By Dr. Steve Miszkiewicz

Currently we have Danielle Hughes, DNP(Doctorate of Nursing Practitioner), Jessica Hartmann FNP, and Anthony Mannila FNP( Family Nurse Practitioner). Harry Malcolm MD joined the clinic in November 2020 after 27 years as a Board Certified Family Practitioner in Hayward.

Steven Miszkiewicz, MD( Board Certified Family Practice) joined as Medical Director in August of 2020. Between Dr Malcolm and Dr "Steve" they have over 60 years combined experience practicing medicine. All providers are accomplished in treating the entire spectrum of chronic and acute family medical care. As of May 2, 2022 the clinic expanded service hours to open at 7:30am and offer appointments as late as 4:45pm.

Our core providers are joined by our Chiropractors Dr Charles Hausman (full time) and Dr Guillermo Gonzalez (part time) who combine to offer Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm chiropractic services. In addition we have Drs Shannon Meyer and David Larsen providing Podiatry services weekly in our newly renovated Podiatry Suite.

We offer full Laboratory Services during clinic hours and our Radiology team provides comprehensive digital Xray services during clinic hours. We offer weekly Ultrasound services on Tuesdays, MRI services every other Wednesday, and Mammograms daily.

The Medical Department has been proud to lead the county if not the Northwestern WI area in Covid pandemic response. The team has been able to test thousands of patients and vaccinate thousands as well. We will continue to be on the forefront to offer testing, vaccinations, and treatment of Covid until this Pandemic is over.

LCOHC Finance Report By Billie Jo Taylor

The LCOCHC Grant Manager, Elissa Decora, has been working on securing and tying up a few more grants. One of them being Coronavirus Preparedness and Response in which we are purchasing a 35-foot Emergency Response mobile unit which can be utilized during any further pandemic issues and help with faster response time. Also the LCOSUD Room & Board grant can be utilized for Medicaid members with opioid use disorders. Our Covid Prevention and Recovery grant has been approved for second year and previous year carry over funds which we use to transport members to long distance appointments. Currently, we are starting to re-evaluate our Special Diabetes grant.

Total provider charges since October 1, 2021 through June 20, 2022 were $3,808.233.31 and the clinic brought in $1,175.898.30. MIP net revenues over expenditures total is -$9,073,283.19. Grant drawdowns and HIS AFA funds not shown in revenues total $10,251,232.79.

A full time medical coder was brought on to help capture some of the lost revenues and feedback needed to providers. Just this week, another coder was hired to assist. This, along with other areas of focus, for example, more research on unpaid has helped increase third party revenue.

The LCOCHC Finance staff has received extensive training in MIP Fund Accounting. A customized seminar was attended for areas to include accounts receivable, payable, grants, reporting and microix.

If anyone receives a stipend on behalf of services from the LCOCHC, a W9 must be filled out with the finance department regardless on the amount of the service.

Community Health Department Report Britne Longtine RN, BSN, PHN Community Health Director

The community health department has had many vacant positions since the pandemic began and has undergone some turnover along with that. There are a small group of us that the community health department houses with hopes of bringing it back up to its full potential and providing the best care to our patient population. All of our staff, with the exception of podiatry services, which is upstairs, are located in the lower level of the building.

Our goal in rebuilding the Community Health Department here at the LCO Health Center is to assess what resources our community is in need of most and improve the health of, most importantly, elders and infants in our community and provide education to the entire community on health promotion. We want to be back out conducting as many home visits as possible, providing that they fall under proper policy and procedure, and conduct outreach events that provide education, vaccine clinics, and allow the patients to approach us to have their questions answered.

Podiatry services are provided approximately six days per month with either Dr. Meyer or Dr. Larson providing their medical expertise and Dawn Quaderer, RN and Christian Clarquist, RN assisting them. Pam Nichols, RN also contributes to this service as she is trained in nail trimming and our Certified Diabetic Nurse Educator. With the majority of our patient population having or being at risk for diabetes or cardiovascular disease, these services not only provide preventative care but also education on how patients should be caring for themselves outside of the facility.

Podiatry Services are mainly provided on Mondays and Wednesdays during the week.

In the Community Health Department here at the LCO Health Center, we are working a few new projects. One of them includes the start of a SANE program. SANE is Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. In this program we are able to conduct medical assessments on assault victims and aid them in finding closure through resources they require. We understand that there are many assaults that go unreported and we want to spread the word that we are here for these patients in whichever way they may need us.

Another project we are working on with the State of Wisconsin is to implement a Disease Intervention Specialist position. This position is a three year grant position and will initially start with working the syphilis outbreak we've experienced here in Sawyer County. Val Hugo will be transitioning from transportation into this position once the state gives proceeds with the necessary training. We hope that this position will expand and Val will be able to gain the knowledge of other communicable disease. This would allow the Community Health Department to educate the community, youth and adults, on safe sex practices and decrease the rate of sexually transmitted infections.

The continual improving relationship with Sawyer County has and will truly allow our program to foster the best response from the community and utilize our service to the fullest capacity. We hope to continue building relationships with the clinics within the Hayward region to meet as many needs as possible within the community. The LCO Community Health Department is looking forward to continually growing and changing to keep up with the fast pace of the healthcare field to provide the LCO community with the best care possible.

Dawn Quaderer, RN is currently helping upstairs with rooming for medical but in the middle of July will be relocating back downstairs to Community Health as our Elder Care and SANE nurse. She will continue to help with podiatry services one day a week. During the rest of her working hours she will be performing home visits to those, usually Elders, who are unable to make it into the clinic. During her home visits she is able to assess not only the patient but the environment in which they live in to make sure it is safe for them (i.e. tripping hazards, stairs, support system within the household, etc.). Dawn then is able to create care plans and interventions for this patient population which aids in avoiding possible problems but also promoting their health.

Community Health along with Medical is working on getting a SANE program up and running at the health center. SANE is Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, where male or female victims of sexual assault can be examined for evidence. We plan that with the new clinic, we will have a well-designed set up for these patients to feel safe and secure in sharing their trauma with us so we can help them in whichever direction they decide turn.

Beth Wood, RN is another member of the Community Health team. She has recently joined our team as our Maternal Child Health Manager. Along with grant management of: Birth to 2, Birth to 3, MCH Special Needs, and Immunizations, she also will be conducting WIC visits and home health visits to assess needs of the pediatric population. Beth has also been helping with Covid 19 vaccination since she started in March. She played a large part in helping the clinic pass our Covid 19 vaccination federal site visit this past month. She has been actively pursuing further education in her field and has recently attended SANE training to aid in the building of the program.

Barb Baker-LaRush is the Maternal Child Health Assistant in the Community Health Department. She has involvement in reaching out to families in the community and assessing what resources we can best provide them within relation to the MCH Special Needs grant. She is also our go-to WIC resource here at the clinic. She conducts visits and has just recently gained certification to conduct the nutritional aspect of WIC for our WIC families so all of their care can be completed in one place.

As previously stated Pam Nichols, RN is our Diabetic Nurse Educator. She plays an essential role with many of our patients in diabetic care and education of the disease the patients along with the many different type of glucometers that are available to them. Referrals are sent from the medical providers to Pam and she schedules patients throughout the week between Monday and Thursday. Pam handles two grants which play an integral role in the health center and providing services to the tribal community: the Diabetes Prevention Grant as well as the Special Diabetes Prevention for Indians Grant.

Our wellness program is run by Shannon Krizan, Wellness Coach. He provides a wealth of knowledge and lifestyle education to many patients. His client basis is usually, but not always, filled through provider referrals. He works with patients collaboratively to formulate a fitness plan through assessment of their lifestyles, habits, eating behaviors, stressors, etc. Shannon has also had involvement in outreach fitness programs through the LCO school system, Boy's and Girl's Club, Charter School, and Bizhiki Wellness Center. Shannon has been available through provider's orders to conduct home wellness visits as well. There are a multitude of grants that Shannon has helped manage and run while the Director position has sat vacant the past year, these include, but are not limited to: Special Diabetes Prevention for Indians, Communicable Disease and Prevention, Diabetes Prevention, Preventative Health and Health Services, and HIV Prevention grants.

Another service we provide at in the Community Health Department is optical services which include retinopathy exams. This is run solely by Danielle Grover. She contributes to the SDPI grant with her retinopathy exams and conducts constant communication with the nurses in medical so diabetic patients are getting a continuum of care. Downstairs, we are fortunate enough to have a space for Danielle to provide eyeglasses and help with the fitting of them. Danielle is also a transportation back up when needed.

Transportation services is managed by Bill Morrow with Donny Morrow and Jerome Isham aiding in services. Our transportation department covers any tribal member who doesn't have transportation coverage through alternate services or insurance. Transportation will only transport patients who are medically stable. Through this program they work with grants to help supplement funds to provide resources to the community. They can deliver any medications that are not a controlled substance and also help in getting patients to appointments that are located at the LCO Clinic, Hayward, or out of town.

Community Health is still currently providing Covid testing five days a week. Kadence Lowe and Jon Klecan make up our Covid testing team. Jon is currently working as the chiropractic tech while testing numbers are down, but is available to help in this area if needed. We had the opportunity of hiring a community health nurse intern this summer, Kalista Cadotte. She is attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is pursuing a degree in Nursing. Kalista is on board to absorb any and all information through community health services as well as upstairs, in medical, and we are lucky to have her help this summer.

Program Services and Contacts

Department Head: Britne Longtine, RN 715-638-5123 MCH Program Manager: Bethany Wood, RN 715-638-5100

MCH Program Assistant/WIC: Barb Baker-LaRush 715-638-5104 Elder Care and SANE: Dawn Quaderer, RN 715-638-5116 Diabetic Nurse Educator: Pam Nichols, RN 715-638-5125

Wellness Program: Shannon Krizan, Wellness Coach 715-638-5193

Transportation Services: Bill Morrow (supervisor) Donnie Morrow, Jerome Isham 715- 638-5126

Disease Intervention Specialist: Val Hugo 715-638-5126 Optical/Retinopathy: Danielle Grover 715-638-5118 Community Health Nurse Intern: Kalista Cadotte 715-638-5173

Covid Team: Kadence Lowe 715-638-5121 Jon Klecan 715-638-5190

The CQI Department Report By Dawn Joyner, CQI Manager

The Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) department reflects a commitment on the part of all departments of the Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center (LCO-CHC) to ensure the highest standard of patient care is given. This is accomplished by monitoring and evaluating the quality and appropriateness of patient care. It also includes monitoring patient safety, following-up on patient concerns, and guaranteeing policies are appropriate and are being followed.

The CQI department realizes one of the greatest resources on the quality of patient care and patient safety is our patients. We encourage patient feedback by conducting patient surveys, investigating all patient complaints, concerns, and feedback. Patients may see an area that needs improvement easier than staff because the patient has a different perspective than what staff does. The CQI department works with individual departments to ensure the Health Center is meeting the standards of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Centers (AAAHC). Meeting the AAAHC standards and being accredited assists in ensuring the highest quality of care is delivered to our patients.

Human Resources By Sara Klecan, Director

Mission of department: The mission of the LCOHC is to provide excellence in family oriented patient care in an environment that is respectful and adaptive to change.

The Human Resources Department consists of one full-time employee and one part-time employee who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our team here at the LCO-CHC.

Each one of us in the HR department are accountable for providing exceptional service to all potential and current LCO-CHC employees. Our department's primary functions include recruitment of new employees for open positions, take part in the administration of the management plan, management of employee and labor relations, administration of employee benefits and wellness programs {EAP), facilitation of the annual performance management process, provision of professional development opportunities for employees along with feedback from the department directors and supervisors, management of the workers' compensation program working along with our insurance department, maintenance of employee personnel files, MIP Software, Time clock software and the provision of many other vital services for the LCO-CHC's employees from their first day of work through retirement. We enforce policies to ensure fairness and harmony within the work place. Future goal that we are working on is all electronic files, no paper.

• Currently 102 employees on staff • Another RN onboarding on 07/18/2022 • Open positions = 4 • Employees received Admin leave for positive covid tests so no lost pay • No employee was laid off during covid pandemic as others worked from home. • 2-6% increases to staff salaries within the past two years • Switched staffing in medical to 4 -10 hours shifts for medical providers. Used as a Recruitment tool • Patient/ employee complaints I took care of by investigating as assigned. • Employee/ Director and Employee/ Employee Mediation meetings conducted for conflict resolution. • Employee resignation exit interview paperwork reporting. • New employee onboarding process • Interviews • Job Fairs at Casino and LCO College • 401k Committee team helped increase employer contribution to be set Jan 2023 • Vision insurance plan execution • Personnel Files updated with new documents (continuing education) • Background checks done on new staff and reoccurring every 2 years • Update in MIP employee w-4, line numbers and all other payroll • Employee Contract renewals, negotiations and new ones processed with legal team. Negotiated down on a few contracts for budget purposes and the salaries were too high for the range of wage for position since the automatic 2-6% increases. • Everyday employee complaints/issues. Write-ups/incident reports completion. • Payroll timecard issues and completion of all staff. • Monthly employee evaluations, job description updates, and career development plans completed updates/completions. • Disciplinary processes as needed • Filing • Employee of the Quarter awards= boosts morale • Project management training certified • Update on HR law

Facilities Report By Rick Christian, Director

Facilities takes care of all of the grounds between the health clinic and the Bizhiki Building. We make sure that the buildings are kept safe for employees and patients at all times. Besides every day maintenance we take care of all of the cleaning needs for the clinic and the behavioral health clinic.

We worked with an outside company for mold remediation and refurbishing office space at the health clinic. We had furnaces and air conditioners replaced due to either not working or past their life expectancy and needed replacing.

We are working with a company to get our outdated service elevator replaced.

We have replaced housekeeping equipment that was worn out to make the housekeeping more efficient.

We worked with a company to repair a broken water line and mold at the Bizhiki building in the bathroom.

We had all new siding put on the Health clinic.

Pharmacy Report By James Strunk

Pharmacy continues to provide Pharmaceutical Care in spite of the covid epidemic. Paxlovid and Evushield have been added to inventory allowing patients to receive up to date treatment for covid.

Curbside delivery of medications is still in place allowing patients the convenience of drive up service.

Prescriptions from Bizhiki are being filled promptly. ScriptPro has a feature where the patient is notified when their prescription is written AND when it is filled and ready to pick up at Pharmacy.

David Axt continues to provide unique service at his clinic for patients trying to quit smoking, those taking Coumadin and those patients needing spirometry.

Pharmacy has played an integral role when patients are prescribed a Freestyle Libre System. Pharmacists will train the patient how to insert the sensor and use the system properly.

The transfer of services from CO-OP Pharmacy to Marketplace Pharmacy has gone well with good planning from all involved.

Pharmacy staff looks forward to many more meaningful years serving the good people of the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe.

IT Report By David Franz, Director

We have upgraded all computers throughout the clinic and Bizhiki to Windows 10 for security purposes. We are in the process of upgrading the network infrastructure for security and productivity. We will be upgrading our lntergy EHR at the end of August when the new patch will be released. We diligently keep up with day to day break-fix and user demands to ensure minimal down time.

Comprehensive Community Services - Bizhiki Wellness Center

13447 W. County Rd. B Hayward, WI 54843 (715) 699-1916 Or (715) 558-7883 FAX# (715) 558-7821

Marie Basty, Licensed Clinical Social Worker ex. 1922 Constance Newman, ICSW-CCS Director ex, 7890 Carlena Dennis, Service Facilitator ex. 1917 Delores McFaggan, Service Facilitator ex. 1926 Kathleen Esperson, Service Facilitator ex. 1919 Jennifer Hartling, Service Facilitator ex. 1929 CCS Mental Health/Substance Abuse Professional Amber Ebert, Psy D, LP ex. 1918


Psychosocial services for tribal members and their families in Sawyer County and enrolled in Medicaid, Badger Care and Forward Health.

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a program for individuals of all ages who need on-going services for a mental illness, substance use disorder or, a dual diagnosis beyond occasional outpatient care provided. The individual works with a dedicated team of service providers to develop a treatment and recovery plan to meet the individual's unique needs, strengths and goals. The goal of this community-based approach is to promote better overall health and life satisfaction for the individual. There is no age or limited time enrolled in CCS. An assessment and treatment plan will be completed with clients. The following areas may be included in your services:

Life Satisfaction Community Living Skills Involvement Housing Education Mental Health Substance Use Stressors Medication Management Basic Needs Social Network & Family Crisis Prevention & Employment Finances & Benefits Physical Health Trauma & Significant Life Transportation

Current Consumers being served of Lac Courte Oreilles CCS is 52.

Behavioral Health - Bizhiki Wellness Center

13447 W. County Road B Hayward WI 54843 (715) 699-1916 or (715) 558-7883 FAX (715) 558-7389

Marie Basty, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Director ex. 1922 Karianna Kerns, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist ex. 7896 Thomas Jordan, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist ex. 7892 Jennifer Petit, Substance Abuse Counselor ex. 7887 Dotty Crust, TOR Project Director ex. 7893 Eunice Zamora, SOR Assistant ex. 7891 Gina Krizan, SLP Prevention Coordinator ex. 7884 Brent Belisle, COIPP Grant Coordinator ex. 7895


We are committed to provide effective support services to the Lac Courte Oreilles Community through paired, individual, family, couples and group counseling to assist the community and the next generations heal. Our goal is to coordinate with each individual we see within a highly skilled functional care team and to provide the most culturally sensitive, coordinated, effective and efficient services possible. Each individual we are able to partner with is an active participant in making health care decisions. We commit to work in equal partnership to develop goals which when met will lead to a healthy, hopeful and enjoyable lifestyle.


Mental Health Counseling Substance Abuse Counseling Employee Assistance Program Grief & Loss Groups Intoxicated Driver Program Outreach Transportation After hour's on-call services Recovery Groups Crisis Walk-ins Available Prevention Educational Groups Inpatient treatment Assistance with substance Abuse as well as mental health Services.

Client appointments served 2021total 2,829.

Client appointments served Jan 1 to May 31, 2022 total 1,114


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