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LCO Financial Services Local Employment Nears 40

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The LCO Financial Services held their board meeting with upper management on Jan. 7, to receive a monthly financial report from their contracted accounting firm, Anderson Hager and Moe.

LCO TGB member and FS Board Chairman Tweed Shuman said at this meeting, “We continued to complete our 2020 FS budget which includes a monthly disbursement to the tribe of $200,000. These funds support the tribal budget for tribal member services.”

Shuman said the board also approved a lease agreement with the LCO Tribal Governing Board for the LCO FS building at the commercial rate. The tribe owns the building and FS agreed to a lease.

Trina Starr, Director of FS Operations, reported FS currently employs 37 community members through the call center.

“These are really good jobs with starting wages at $14 an hour but through performance bonuses, they are able to make an additional $500 to $1,000 per month,” Starr said. “These jobs make a significant impact on our local economy.”

Starr added, “As we tentatively proceed into loan processing this summer, we’ll bring an additional ten jobs in May and possibly ten more in June.”

Shuman said the FS board also renewed their legal contract with outside financial counsel. Shuman said FS hires attorneys that specialize in financial services.

Pictured around table from left are Lee Harden, LCO FS CEO, Trina Starr, Director of Operations, Mark Beckman, Anderson Hager Moe Accountant, Mackenzie Cadotte, compliance officer, William Trepanier, board member, Daylene Sharlow, board member, Randy Cadotte, board member, Tweed Shuman, TGB Rep and Board Chairman, Ariana Johnson, board member, and on the phone Don Carley, TGB representative.


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