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LCO Elder/Disabled News Report


I appreciate you taking the time in reading these important updates and I hope that you are keeping warm and safe during this time here in beautiful Lac Courte Oreilles.

Driveway Snowplowing – I recently attended our LCO Tribal Governing Board Meeting on Monday, February 25th, as most of you are aware, we have been dealing with a very tough winter, whether it’s the ice, below freezing temperatures and also snow accumulation, office and school closures, we are trying to do our best to provide Driveway services to the LCO Community. One thing we would like to reiterate is the fact is we are unable to start plowing driveways until all other components have been completed – LCO Tribal Roads Maintenance, Sawyer County plows, Township plows (Bass Lake, Sand lake, and Hunter), this has greatly affected our services and it is my hope that you recognize and understand that while we provide the services to over 250 LCO tribal Driveways with over 13 plus Tribal communities, it is only when they have completed their responsibilities are we able to provide services. And lastly, I have received phone calls and messages from clients regarding driveways not completed properly, and I have reached out to each plower and was told the vehicles were not moved, and that they waited for as long as possible but no one came out, I wish I had a better solution going forward but I welcome any and all questions, solutions, concerns. Please spring time hurry!

Roof Snow Shoveling – Also regarding yesterday’s meeting, it was discussed and approved by the LCO TGB to provide Roof Shoveling for LCO Elder/Disabled Homeowners out of their Home Repair fund, I know I have been running into issues for elders that have already exhausted their 2019 Home Repair fund, and have brought it to the TGB’s attention. We are requesting each LCO Elder Homeowner who qualifies and has funding to pay for a contractor; they need to fill out a Release of Liability form as well as the contractor providing the Roof Shoveling service.

2019 Tax Services – we have been receiving multiple requests for Tax filing resources, unfortunately for most people here in Hayward, you may have to pay out of pocket fees through H&R Block, Cece’s bookkeeping services. However, there is a location out of Spooner, WI - Spooner Tax Aide services:

Spooner Indianhead Credit Union

104 E Maple Street, Spooner


Open until 04/17, appt. is required

Emergency After hours contact – I was asked by Mona Ingerson if there was an Emergency and/or after hours hotline to contact if an Elder was in need of services, I do not have an answer for that, I know that LCO Housing tenants are able to contact the Maintenance department but I think this would be a good time discuss during both LCO Elder Council meetings and LCO Elders Association meetings and come up with solutions and resources for future use.

Thank you again, and please reach out to the LCO Elder Center for any issues and/or concerns you may have, Miigwech!

Terrance Manuelito

LCO Tribal Aging Director

LCO Tribal Veteran Service Officer

715 957-0077


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