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LCO Boys and Girls Club Youth/Teen of the Month

Lillian Rose Pettibone

Lilly is 6 years old and goes to Waadookodaading. Her favorite color is blue, and Lilly loves to dance! Her favorite song to dance to, JuJu on the beat! When Lilly has nothing going on she loves to sit and watch her favorite show Paw Patrol.

We asked Lilly if she could go anywhere in the World where would she go? Lilly would go to Texas to see Grandma! Lilly’s Favorite food is sketti and mac and cheese. Lilly’s best friend is River, and her favorite animal is a unicorn.

If Lilly could have any superpower she would have unicorn Power and turn everything into a rainbow! If Lilly could have anything she would have all the toys in the World. When Lilly grows up she wants to be a Scientist. Her favorite subject in school is reading. Lastly, we asked Lilly what her two favorite things about the Boys and Girls Club, 1) Shelley’s snack shack 2) Art Room.

Joseph Alan Gouge Jr.

Joe is 13-years-old, and attends Northern Waters Environmental School in Hayward. Joe’s favorite color is Blue, and loves to play Fortnite or football with friends in his spare time. Joes’ best friend is Anthony White, and his favorite animal is a Whale. Joe’s favorite sport is Football and he cheers for the Cowboys! He likes to watch Family guy when he isn’t playing on the Xbox 😊 while he is scarfing down his favorite snack Hot Cheetos.

We asked Joe if he could travel anywhere, where would he choose? The Bahamas is where he would go. Joe hopes to be a NFL Football Player when he grows up! When asked where he sees himself in five years, Joes said proudly, “graduating high school”!!

If Joe were able to have one wish, he would wish for more wishes. If Joe had any super power, he would have the ability to read people’s minds! And lastly we asked what Joes two FAVORITE things were about the Boys and Girls Club were 1) basketball of course. 2) Hanging out with friends he normally doesn’t get to see that often.


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