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LCO 2nd Graders and Duke the Therapy Dog Raise Funds for Northwoods Humane Society

By Joe Morey News Editor

The LCO Ojibwe School 2nd Graders teamed up with Duke, the school therapy dog, for an awesome community service project. According to Duke's owner, Kathleen Lasiewicz, a teacher at the school, the project raised $358.00 for the Northwoods Humane Society (NHS) and they bought food for the LCO Dog Pound.

"We sold raffles, the children made awesome posters and Duke went to all the classrooms and we discussed the care of dogs and cats," Lasiewicz explained. "We also handed out an

activity book from the humane society to each student."

Lasiewicz said the posters will be on display at area businesses including the LCO Country Store.

"We raffled off a wooden sign that said Boozhoo, which I and my co-worker Beth created/made," added Lasiewicz. She said they both do After school Art/Woodworking.

Lasiewicz said a candle holder, hand towels with paw prints and scarves with dogs/cats/paw prints on them were also raffled off.

Alicia Austin, manager of the Northwoods Humane Society, came to the school on May 18th and received the check.

Lasiewicz said she has owned Duke since he was 8 weeks old and he is now 7 years.

Lasiewicz went on to say, "Duke and I went to all the classes K-5th and talked about how to care for our four-legged companions. We also distributed an educational booklets from the NHS about the care of dogs and cats. Duke is our therapy dog here at LCO Ojibwe School. He is a registered therapy dog and the kids from all grades love him. He has helped many children get through the day!"

The story behind this project is stated on the poster board below.

Aaron, a second grader talks about a dream in which he hopes people don't poison dogs as

his dog was poisoned . This is how the project came about.

Teachers also involved in the Community Service Project for Dogs and Cats included Lori St. Germaine (2/3gr), Nick Henley (2 gr) and Krissy Thomas is their Para.


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