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Judge Orders $250,000 Cash Bond for LCO Man Charged for Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child


SAWYER COUNTY -- The Court has ordered a cash bond of $250,000 for a Hayward, WI man on charges of repeated sexual assault of a child.

A criminal complaint has been filed charging Roy W. Quagon, of Hayward, WI, with repeated sexual assault of a child over a period of time from April 2000 through April 2010.

On November 2, 2021, law enforcement conducted an interview at the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office with the alleged victim. During the interview law enforcement was advised that Quagon had sexually assaulted a child victim starting when the child was approximately age 4.

The criminal complaint filed against Quagon states that for a period of approximately 10 years, Quagon sexually assaulted the alleged child victim vaginally and anally on numerous occasions at multiple locations. Investigating Officers were told that Quagon also provided marijuana to the alleged victim when the victim was less than 10 years old, in what was described as an effort to calm the child down. They were also told that Quagon would put his hand over the mouth of the victim to calm the victim down.


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