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JREC Planned Power Outage Causes Community Backlash

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

By Joe Morey

News Editor

Jump River Electric Cooperative announced another power outage during the overnight hours scheduled for Dec. 14 expected to last six hours. The outage is set begin at 11:00 pm. Another planned outage occurred last month during a cold chilly evening and last more than the planned six hours.

There’s been a lot of negative community response ahead of the outage. JREC said the outage will affect all their members in Sawyer County and the outage was due to much needed transmission line maintenance by Dairyland Power Cooperative.

Many residents took to social media to question having a planned outage in the winter time. Some are asking why this work couldn't have been done earlier during the summer time.

This morning, JREC released another announcement in response to the community backlash.

“Jump River Electric Cooperative receives its power from Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC). DPC has scheduled this outage to energize a new transmission line they have been building over the past several months. This new transmission line replaces a 70-year-old power line and will provide a more reliable power supply for us in the future.

“We encourage members to turn your heat up a few degrees to help keep you and your residence warm without power. You can find more tips at”

JREC said the weather is also being monitored and this outage will be rescheduled if necessary.

If you have questions regarding this outage please call 715-532-5524.


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