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ICW Looking to License Foster Parents

LCO Indian Child Welfare

Press Release

Indian Child Welfare is looking to license foster parents. LCO foster homes are needed to maintain a Tribal child’s connection to culture, to remain in contact with their biological families, and as well to allow children to continue in their current schools. These connections are vital to a child’s overall well-being if they must be placed into substitute care away from their parents and biological families. Many foster kids have suffered prolonged abuse and neglect, requiring dedicated foster parents trained in trauma-informed care principles to help them heal. Our goal is to help children heal from trauma.

ICW encourages anyone with tribal connections to apply to be a foster parent. There are some basic requirements for potential foster parents to fulfill.

Qualifications and requirements of an LCO Indian Child Welfare Foster Parent

Resident of Sawyer County, Wisconsin

Foster parents are required to have a flexible schedule. A flexible day-to-day schedule allows for 2-3 weekly appointments and unplanned interruptions.

21 years or older

Financial stability (there is no income requirement)

Stable, healthy relationships and people you can count on

Willingness to learn about childhood trauma and use trauma-informed parenting skills

Desire to foster ALL children from birth through 18 years old. This may include sibling groups and teen parents.

Valid driver's license and auto insurance.

Home owner or rental insurance is required.

Animals must be vaccinated and licensed.

Willing and able to work with the children's biological family.

Pass a background check (Most misdemeanors and select felonies will not affect your application)

Bedroom space for foster children as appropriate for children dependent on age, gender, and developmental needs. This includes safe sleep environments for infants through 1 year of age.

Ability to successfully pass the SAFE Home Study.

Participate in Foster Parent trainings.

A willingness to participate in:

Biological family visits (as agreed upon by the ICW staff and foster parent when appropriate)

Therapy/Support services (this includes transporting children and possibly attending with the child)

In-home case management meetings and other supportive team meetings.

Some Foster parent myths are worth debunking, such as:

Parenting experience is required. (However, you must have the desire to help kids with trauma histories.)

There is a cost to becoming a foster parent. (ICW pays for background checks)

A large or expensive home is required. (Your home must be clean, uncluttered, and safe.)

There is an income requirement. (You must be able to pay your household bills each month consistently, without relying on the foster parent stipend)

Homeownership is required. (Your landlord may require notification of your intent to foster children.)

You cannot work outside of the home. (We do NOT require a stay-at-home parent. ICW requires foster parents to be available when foster kids are NOT in school. We have many teachers & school staff, small business owners, couples working different shifts, self-employed foster parents, retired folks, and foster parents working from home. Let's talk about your schedule.)

Ready to learn more about the process of becoming a foster parent? Ready to help kids build a foundation to grow on? Contact Jennie LaRonge today at 715-558-7447 to learn more or to obtain Foster Parent Application.


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