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Ice Storm Clean Up Took Several Days on Reservation

An ice storm throughout the weekend gripped northern Wisconsin, and some of the hardest hit areas included the LCO Reservation. Weather conditions caused very hazardous driving as nearly half inch of ice was reported on roads and driveways, and with falling trees and power lines, the Sawyer County Sheriff’s department reported a couple roads nearly impassable. One road was closed to semi-trucks due to low hanging trees from the weight of the ice.

On Saturday night, the rain eventually turned over to snow providing a couple of inches of traction over the ice. The below-freezing temperatures throughout Monday provided for some beautiful nature pics of glistening ice covering the trees. On Tuesday morning, the ice was still hanging on, but with warmer conditions throughout the day, the thaw was inevitable.

Images submitted below are different scenes from throughout LCO. They were submitted by Vivian Belille, Cassandra Carley, Hunter Isham, Julie Lorraine, Jim Smith, Krysten Sullivan, Keshia Chino, Joanne Graves, Belin Taylor, Robert Pacheco and Steven Clause.

Mother Nature showed her beauty with the stunning ice images that lingered on trees for three days following the storm.

Burleigh Miller submitted the photo below stating they have electric everything and with the power out for several hours, tea candles and the old percolator shown came in handy.


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