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Health Director Urges Vaccine; Says We Have Enough Vaccines for Any Community Members

Submitted by Gary Girard

LCO Health Director

Public Health Officer

EDITORS NOTE: This report is from April 30.

According to GLITEC Gazette (April, 2021), "...COVID-19 cases are thankfully on the decline in this region compared to winter 2020. However, we all must continue to take all necessary precautions to ensure everyone's health and safety...Many Tribal nations in this region and across Indian Country have vaccinated people expeditiously. Until there is widespread vaccination across the entire population, we must all do our part to decrease the spread of COVID-19, so please get vaccinated when you have the opportunity to do so, wear masks, and avoid indoor gatherings. Please visit our website for more information or to reach out for assistance on a project."

As stated by our Medical Director, Dr. Steven Miskiewicz, as of 4/29/21 the LCO reservation has 28 active Covid-19 cases none of which are seriously ill. Most are family members of several different families and majority are younger age groups. Only two have been fully vaccinated and these two are only having minor cold like symptoms. This means the vaccine is effective in preventing severe illness in those with comorbid illness (diabetes and asthma}. This surge reinforces the need for increase in vaccination of our population and for that I ask for incentive and support from TGB.

As Health Center Director, I am asking all tribal and community members to please consider getting the Covid-19 vaccine. We know this has slowed the spread of the virus. The latest surge we are seeing is primarily with younger people whom have not had the vaccine. There are tribal members whom have had Covid-19 and feel they are protected from Covid-19. Immunity from having had the virus only protects from the strand of Covid-19 which you had. It Does Not Protect against new Variant Strands which may be more severe in spreading the disease and may include more serious symptoms. Covid-19 vaccines protect from all variant strands to date.

At this time we have 5,000 vaccines on hand. Anyone tribal member or resident of Sawyer County wanting a vaccine can call the health center to schedule your vaccine at 715-638-5100. Once we get 6 patients wanting the vaccine, we will call you for your scheduled appointment time. Remember vaccination not only protects you but through herd/community immunity protects everyone in your family and community.


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