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Grindstone Creek Casino Welcomes Large Crowds at New Opening

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The new Grindstone Creek re-opened on Friday, March 10, after a 3-year closure that began with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Large crowds came to check it out and take advantage of the slot specials that were part of the Re-Grand Opening event at Noon.

The wadookadaading Drum Group did a welcome song while Dr. Mike Sullivan did the invocation. Sullivan recognized the opening of the casino as a new opportunity for jobs for our people and jackpots for our friends and family.

Members of the Sevenwinds Casino Executive Team were on hand to see the opening and a ribbon cutting by tribal veteran Vern Martin. Randy Cadotte said a few words and introduced members of the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board (TGB).

“This couldn’t have been done without guidance from our Elders, support from our TGB and of course, our entire casino team,” Cadotte stated.

LCO Vice Chairwoman Lorraine Gouge said this opening was important for our people, “And now we are looking to the future for employment and entertainment the new casino will provide. It’s exciting.”

Gouge went on to say the Tribe is now able to do things we weren’t able to do during the pandemic. She added the new casino is non-smoking because breathing is important especially after the pandemic.

TGB member Michelle Beaudin thanked all the team at the casino, the DBS Group and LCO Development for all their work in the remodel.

TGB member Gary “Little Guy” Clause thanked the young people of the Drum group for keeping our traditions alive.

“Everyone came together to make this new casino and it couldn’t have been done without our people,” Little Guy concluded.

Members of Sevenwinds Executive Team and LCO TGB welcome the community to the Re-Grand Opening of Grindstone Creek Casino which is now open Wed.-Sun Noon to 8pm.

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