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Elder Discount Cards Available at LCO Recycling Center

Matthew Riedell

Emergency Management Coordinator

In cooperation with the LCO Elders Services, the LCO Recycling Center is offering discount cards for Tribal elders (62 years and older) and Tribal members with disabilities. The cards are available at LCO Elder Services in Reserve. The punch card allows for individuals to bring in one appliance or furniture item each month, one electronic item during the year, and (12) pre-paid LCO bags. Both bags and the punch card can be picked up at Elder Services with a valid Tribal ID.

This program will allow individuals who may be on a fixed income an opportunity to discard otherwise costly items and provide reduced costs for regular garbage disposal. Recycling is always free and the Recycling Center still has many (18) gallon recycling bins available free of charge. If elders have questions regarding the program, they can contact me at the Recycling Center at (715) 634-8934 extension 7375 or the direct number listed in the flyer.


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