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Elder Center Director Gives October Updates

Boozhoo to all,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and understanding during this transition period, if you are not aware there have been some recent changes regarding positions here at the LCO Elder Center.

Doreen Wolfe is our newest member as the Elder Service Program Support assistant, and I will be delegating most of the Tribal Services to her and she will be coordinating services for Home, Auto, Firewood, and Snow Plowing needs for our LCO Communities. l still look forward to providing services for our Elders and Disabled persons within Lac Courte Oreilles communities but have taken a much larger role as the LCO Aging Director and will continue my services as the LCO Tribal Veteran Service Officer. I have become more involved with overall services to the Elder Center and keeping up to date on programs, services, and networking and collaborating with the State of Wisconsin Department of Health & Human Services, GWAAR - Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, ADRC - Aging & Disability Resources and other department agencies.


Snowplowing services - I would like to express to you all that this service has grown immensely since assuming this role, and would encourage everyone to update their information if you have moved, or phone numbers have changed, etc. We provide snowplowing to over 250 driveways and are currently at 5 tribal snow plowers, I am in the process of addressing this issue and could possibly see some changes that hopefully will improve our services.

FY 2019 LCO Tribal Elder & Disabled Services are on a "continuing resolution", which I was told will allow for clients to receive FY 2019 funding, please contact Doreen Wolfe for your needs regarding the services provided.

I will be out of the office on November 7th attending a one-day meeting, ADRC Director Orientation and then attending the Fall TVSO conference in Stockbridge-Munsee on Nov 8th.

The LCO Elder Center is hosting the Elder Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday November 15th.

The LCO Elder Center will be closed on Monday, November 12th for Veterans Day and also November 22nd and 23rd for Thanksgiving.

I would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to the LCO Development and their staff for replacing the LCO Elder Centers roof recently.

Terrance Manuelito

Tribal Aging Director

Tribal Veteran Services Officer

13878W North Agency Road

Stone Lake, WI 54876

(715) 957-0077


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