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Cross County Team Competes in Hayward Invitational

The LCO Cross Country runners took to the hills of Hatchery Creek on Tuesday, Oct 2nd for the Hayward Invitational. Senior Arnold Crone Jr., in his final meet, led his team with a time of 23:00. He showed great strength and determination all season. Never missing a practice and being a great example for the underclassmen.

Freshmen Colin Smith came in with a time of 24:41. Tyson Radermacher finished with a time of 25:01. Korey Smith finished with a time of 25:07. The kids enjoyed the cheers from family, friends, and staff. It was a great way to finish the season, being able to run in front of family and friends. The team greatly appreciated the support from afar this year.

These athletes were all first-time cross-country runners and carried themselves in a very respectful and competitive manner all season. The entire team laid down a great foundation for future athletes to follow.

Miigwech Hayward Cross Country for putting on a great event on a great course!


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