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Clinic Vaccinates 240 Community Members at Mass Vaccination Event

The LCO Health Center announced they have vaccinated 240 community members at their first Wednesday vaccination event on Feb. 17.

Over the next seven Wednesdays the clinic plans to continue these mass vaccination events. They posted on their Facebook page they would not being doing Covid-19 tests on the previous Wednesday because of the vaccinations they were giving. LCO Health Director Gary Girard posted a flyer that shows free area testing sites done by the National Guard if anyone wants a test on Wednesdays while the vaccine events are continuing.

In the most recent Covid-19 update by the clinic, it was stated that due to the amount of vaccine that has been coming in and the demand for vaccinations over the next eight weeks, the LCO Health Center will be holding mass vaccination clinics every Wednesday. We are utilizing the same teamwork approach to complete these vaccinations as with our first ones. The schedule for these vaccines begins on Wednesday February 17th 2021. We are not scheduling patients on Wednesdays for the next 8 weeks, except for vaccinations and chiropractic.

1st doses: Wednesday Feb 17th, Wednesday Feb 24th, Wednesday 3/3/21, Wednesday 3/10/2021, 2nd doses: Wednesday 3/24/21, Wednesday 3/31/2021, Wednesday 4/7/2021, Wednesday 4/14/2021. On these dates, Pharmacy will remain open.


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