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Chairman Taylor Swears In New Housing Board of Commissioners

By Joe Morey

News Editor

LCO Chairman Louis Taylor issued the oath of office for the newly-sworn in LCO Housing Board of Commissioners, the oversight committee for the LCO Housing Authority.

The sworn-in members include current members Dan Grover, Trish Kakazu, Leslie Ramcyzk. The new members are Chad Martin, Tanya Manuelito, Carole Demain and Jamie Fleming.

Taylor welcomed the commissioners and explained to them their duties include representing the LCO Tribal Governing Board (TGB) with housing issues, as each member was appointed to the Board by one TGB member as their representative.

Taylor told them they might not always agree with the people running the Housing Authority and that’s okay. He said the Board of Commissioners is allowed to make changes.

“We are all here for what’s best for our Membership,” Taylor stated. “So, we need you to follow the protocols and procedures and do what’s right.”

LCO TGB member David Bisonette told them to, “Talk amongst yourselves on how you can make things better and reflect on your own past living situations and use that as you make your decisions.”

LCO TGB member Michelle Beaudin said she hopes the new commission will look at ways they can avoid evicting whole families when one person gets in trouble for drug use.

LCO TGB member Gary “Little Guy” Clause said to do the most you can for our people.

“Look at how you can get our people back into good grace who have been evicted, look at how they are still carrying debt, and help these people get back into a home,” Little Guy said.

LCO Housing Authority Board of Commissioners from L-R) Carole Demain, Jamie Fleming, Tanya Manuelito, Leslie Ramzcyk, Chad Martin and Trish Kakazu. Not pictured is Daniel Grover.

Chairman Louis Taylor swears in the LCO Housing Authority Board of Commissioners in the LCO Tribal Council Meeting Room with TGB members Bill Trepanier, Michelle Beaudin and David Bisonette, and LCO Attorney General James Schlender, Jr, in attendance.

Daniel Grover being sworn in by Chairman Louis Taylor.


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