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CARES Act Coordinator Gives Update on Several Projects

By Joe Morey

News Editor

CARES Act Projects Coordinator Brian Bisonette recently gave an update on several projects under the $16 million dollar CARES Act Budget. The total funds received by the Tribe totaled $16,718,860. The funds have been allocated to the Tribe for expenditures incurred in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. "The Daycare and Fire Hall projects are both on schedule and within budgets," Bisonette stated. The new Daycare Center, currently under construction is estimated to cost $3,324,500. The facility is currently under construction near the Four Corners of Froemel Road and Trepania Road on the footprint of the LCO Early Headstart/Headstart. The construction estimate includes a playground, facility and architectural costs. The new Fire Hall is estimated to cost $1,530,000. The facility is currently under construction at the site of the old Tru Gas tanks on Round Lake School Road. "Site work on four lots will start in Giiwedin this week for the manufactured homes approved by the TGB, in which, LCO Development is contractor," Bisonette added. The manufactured homes were purchased for the purpose of assisting members that require quarantine during the pandemic. "The TGB has already assisted some members that tested positive for Covid-19 in spite of having very limited housing units at their disposal," Bisonette said. "The acquisition of these units will provide additional housing resources for individuals and or family members. After the outbreak ends and life resumes to normal, the TGB will contemplate the available options and make a decision on the disposition of each unit." Bisonette went on to add the two new conservation warden trucks that were approved in the CARES Act Budget were delivered this week and It'll be a few weeks before all the electronics, lights, sirens, etc. will be transferred from the old to the new trucks. And finally, "LCO Development has started the garage addition for Pineview Funeral Home," Bisonette noted.

Site of Daycare construction project next to the LCO Headstart facility


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