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Bridging Entrepreneurial Barriers: LCOOU Hosts New Wisconsin’s Woman Business Initiative Corp. Branch


Press Release

Wisconsin’s Woman Business Initiative Corp. (WWBIC) is working with Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe University to open their sixth regional office on our campus. The news comes after the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) extended funding for opening 17 new women’s business centers across the country.

LCOOU offers an associate of science in small business management; an associate of applied science in accounting; a bachelor of science in business administration; and master’s in management degree. The work our students carry out in each of those degrees culminates in them becoming ethical business leaders at both the local and regional levels. Inside and outside their classrooms, our students learn to implement programs that enhance workplace and team effectiveness and bolster clear business communication.

With WWBIC’s new regional office on campus, our students will have deeper access to the resources they need to bridge barriers they have faced as minorities and underserved communities. The non-profit’s resources also go to helping people of color, veterans, and lower-wealth individuals. Their resources range from counselling webinars to business classes to small business loans.

“We have several students that either have or want to open their own business when they complete their degree here at LCOOU. Living in Northern Wisconsin and on the LCO reservation can prove to be a challenge for those who would like to venture into entrepreneurship. Therefore, this will be a great opportunity for many of the students here. I am excited to be able to direct our students to the opportunities that await them with WWBIC,” said Kathleen Baker, business faculty director.

“We’re so grateful for our continued growth through SBA programs and support and thrilled to be opening a new women’s business center,” reiterated Wendy K. Baumann, president and chief visionary officer at WWBIC. “This will allow us to further work in partnership with our state’s tribal communities in the northern part of Wisconsin, bringing our training and technical assistance services closer to where the residents of these communities live and want to start or grow their small businesses.”

For this collaborative project, WWBIC is also seeking candidates for the regional director and the corresponding regional office coordinator positions. Check out the details below.


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