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Big Fish Golf Corporation and Board of Directors Established

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

By Joe Morey

News Editor

LCO Tribal Governing Board member, Tweed Shuman, announced that a Charter Corporation has been established that would manage the Big Fish Golf Course if the tribe were to purchase, passed by resolution of the TGB, and also, an initial Board of Directors of the Big Fish Golf Corporation has been appointed, by resolution.

The initial board includes Jason Schlender, Michael Black, Randy Cadotte, Dave Fleming and Ariana Johnson. Tweed Shuman is ex-officio director.

Shuman said the purchase hasn’t gone through yet, and he added, TGB agreed the purchase would be contingent upon three things, two of which have been met. First, the financials were good, which it proved by making a profit in 2018, and secondly, the value was within the appraisal.

Chairman Louis Taylor added that no purchase would be made until the federal government shutdown issue was resolved. He said another shutdown is likely to happen on February 15, a deadline President Trump imposed for Congress to give him funding for border security.

Taylor said the purchase of Big Fish Golf Course would be under the Big Fish Golf Corporation, passed by resolution, using Section 17 of the Indian Reorganization Act, which would allow the tribe to have the ability to do what it wants with the property, for example, the tribe would have more authority to sell lots on the course.


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