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Beaudin Updates Membership on Famous Dave Flowage Land Purchase

By Joe Morey

News Editor

In November of 2021, the Tribe purchased a 7.13 acre parcel of land on Hwy NN near Chief Lake Road that is a peninsula into the Chippewa Flowage (photo below).

The land was purchased from “Famous” Dave Anderson, a Tribal Member, for $300,000 and has 1,634’ of lakeshore.

At the General Membership Meeting held at the Sevenwinds Casino on Sept 24, TGB Member Michelle Beaudin reported they are planning to put in a boat landing so that Tribal Members have access to the Flowage.

“We also hope to put in a pavilion but that is still a TGB discussion,” Beaudin said. “It’s a beautiful spot for some kind of park.”

The land is an outer part of a peninsula with 16 acres along Hwy NN that originally belonged to the Tribe. With the purchase, the Tribe now owns the entire 23 acre peninsula.

There was no access road to the Anderson parcel until he built one, which runs through the Tribal parcel from County Hwy NN.

The land was appraised by Robert Bergum Appraisal Service at a value of $800,000 as of Oct. 22, 2020. In the description, it states, “There is a gravel road that leads to the subject property, a very scenic drive winding through a stand of mature mixed hardwood and evergreen trees. The north side and east side has a sand beach.”

After the purchase in 2021, Beaudin explained, “While looking at this property, I requested that LCO Conservation also build a pier and/or dock for people to be able to fish off of as well as tie up their boats. This area is beautiful and is partially cleared, which would also make great camping sites and picnic areas and it has sandy beaches for swimming for our Tribal members. Nothing is set in stone, but these are some of the ideas that we came up with initially. Either way, it is a great purchase for the Membership.”

Beaudin noted there are some limitations because there is no electricity on the peninsula and that it will be costly to put in.

LCO Vice Chairwoman Lorraine Gouge added that it’s a beautiful piece of land that would provide Flowage access to our fishermen.

North of the darkened line is the peninsula property the Tribe purchased and below the line is the land the Tribe already owned. To the south you see the edge of the Tribe's Cranberry Marsh and Chief Lake Road.

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