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As 3rd Enbridge Payment Comes, Weaver Shares Where Money Spent

By Joe Morey News Editor

LCO Secretary-Treasurer Jason Weaver and Tribal Governing Board member, Tweed Shuman, announced on Wednesday, Feb. 6, that the third Enbridge Community Payment (2019) will be delivered to the LCO Tribal Governing Board on Friday, Feb. 15, in the amount of $3.3 million.

At its Nov. 19 meeting, the TGB received the second payment (2018) from Enbridge Energy Partners, LLC.

LCO Chairman Louis Taylor said the annual payments will provide much-needed financial security for the tribe.

“This isn’t about today,” Taylor said. “This is about our kids and 25 years from now.”

Weaver said these annual payments and long-term relationship with Enbridge is very beneficial for the tribe well into the future.

Currently, $1.5 million of the 2018 payment is still in an interest earning account, Weaver noted. “We only had an obligation of $1.8 M out of the 2018 payment for the New waste water plant.”

Weaver added there is no obligation to any project for the 2019 payment.

“We want to have community meetings and surveys so we can gauge what people would like us to focus on for tribal projects,” Weaver said. “We know that we could use funds as down payment for a new clinic, which is a community need, a new commercial center, or a hotel waterpark.”

Weaver said the TGB has had input about the Hideout and that they need to invest in it, “But what do the majority of citizens want to see there? We need to find a common direction for the property.”

Weaver mentioned TGB has also been told the fire department is in need of a complete rehaul of the trucks and equipment.

“We need to know if these are projects that the majority of members want us to support or is there something that we haven’t heard yet. We need to engage the community to help us determine which is the direction that they would like us to move. It’s the Tribes money, we are just the elected Council entrusted to make sure it is used for the most good for the most members. Not everyone will be happy with any decision, but we will try to make the majority happy,” Weaver said.

Here is the breakdown of how the 2017 Enbridge funds were spent in the amount of $3,860,000;

General fund, 517,000 (to help cover elder Xmas checks); Boys and girls club, 230,000; Elder B-day checks, 110,000; Snow Plow for Roads, 34,900; Elder Vehicle van, 27,407; Elder Vehicle Traverse, 27,843; Land Purchase, 542,644; Big fish Appraisal, 5,750; 8 (A) Business app, 15,000; Scholarships, 100,000; Waste Water Plant, 1,8000,000; Bank fees, 955 for a total amount spent of $3,411,500.

Picture from first payment made October 27, 2017. From L-R) Trent Wetmore of Enbridge, Jason Weaver, LCO Secretary-Treasurer, Dyllan Linehan, Tribal Attorney, Louis Taylor, Chairman, Tweed Shuman and April Holdren, Enbridge Manager of Community Engagement.

1 Comment

When and IF the council actually listens to the LCO members, would be a first in the history of the TGB.

The repair of the Rez roads was not mentioned.

As the TGB should know by experience,...Trepania Rd. is in diar need of repair!

Unfortunately, those appointed to do roadwork in this forever changing climate, have no idea what the CORRECT way is or what is involved in the making of long lasting roads.

I say this ONLY, because this was my career at one time!

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