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ARPA Department Reports Many Large Construction Projects Completed

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Report

Submitted by ARPA Department

The ARPA Department is more than one-half way through its approved projects. Most of the large construction projects are completed and a majority of activity will be homeowner assistance fund (HAF) activities through December 31,2026.

Project Status:

• LCO Ojibwe School Improvements - COMPLETED

6/30/21 to 6/21/23

• Big Fish Golf Improvements - COMPLETED

9/30/21 to 6/30/23

• Emergency Operations Center (Tribal Police Station) - COMPLETED

3/11/22 to 6/30/23

• Kinnamon Visitor Center Improvements – NEAR COMPLETION

5/20/22 to 12/31/23

• LCO Country Store/Grindstone Creek Casino Improvements - COMPLETED

5/24/22 to 10/31/23

• Miskogiizhig Apartments - COMPLETED

5/31/22 to 11/15/23

• LCO Pow Wow Grounds Improvements – IN PROGRESS

2/123/23 to 7/1/24

• Reserve Aging & Disability Services Center – IN PROGRESS

3/30/23 to 4/30/24

• BIA HIP Homes Construction – IN PROGRESS

9/6/23 to 6/30/24

• Pipestone Creek Eco-Tourism Site Improvements – COMPLETED


• Akii School Building - COMPLETED

8/15/21 - 9/2/21

• Head Start Facility Repairs - COMPLETED

10/27/21 to

• Spring Clean Up – IN PROGRESS

2021 through 2024

• Hearth Act Implementation – IN PROGRESS

(Improvements to CDC Building, Trading Post and Old Tribal

Police Building in order to build tribal land management capacity)

• Broadband Feasibility Project – COMPLETED

3/1/22 to 6/30/23

HAF Program

On October 5, 2021 the Tribe announced the Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) Program. Since then, over 300 applications were received for assistance and the application process closed on September 30, 2022. 50 homes are completed and 171 homes are currently in progress as of November 1, 2023. The Tribal Governing Board has set aside funds to complete all remaining homes by December 31, 2026. HAF program funds are supplemented with ARPA CAPEX funding provided by the state for those persons Medicaid eligible. (Applicants receive either HAF or CAPEX, but not both, for assistance.)

Mandaamin Homeownership Community

Since 2021, the Tribe worked diligently with Coleman Engineering, Indian Health Service Engineers, BIA Roads Engineers, LCO Development, Tribal Realty, Public Works, Jump River Electric and WE Energies to build the 60-acre Mandaamin community and fund water, sewer, roads, and utility infrastructure in addition to 30 homes. Located at the four corners on Froemel Road, the two- and three-bedroom homes are planned homeownership units. Two HUD grants have been written to fund housing construction but have not been successful. The Tribe is seeking alternative funding resources to complete the project.

Numerous miscellaneous projects include management of Covid//Emergency Homes, Women’s Shelter Operation, Inflation Assistance, Job Training, LCO Boys & Girls Club assistance, The Landing docks, Utility Assistance, Youth Service donations, Land purchase for housing and subsistence, architectural & engineering services, Surveys, Tower Road modulars renovation, Sewer & Curb stop repairs, Trails/Parks Improvements, Boat Landing, Giiwedin Lift Station and Water Tower Improvements.

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