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Acosta Named LCOOU Student of the Year

LCO Ojibwe University

Press Release

Meet Andreanna Acosta, the 2024 Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe University’s (LCOOU) Student of the Year! She’ll be graduating this May with her associate degree in liberal arts from LCOOU. She started at LCOOU during the Fall 2022 semester and has been such an inspiration to watch grow and flourish during her time with us. 

Andreanna has been a part of LCOOU’s Student Senate for the past two years. She’s also currently interning with our TRiO Department. In February 2024, Andreanna travelled to Washington D.C. with other University students and staff members where she met with lawmakers in Capitol Hill and discussed the successes, challenges, and needs of Native populations in Native higher education. There, she also attended the 2024 Legislative Summit, where she advocated for Native American Language Revitalization, Tribal Sovereignty, and the 1994 Land Grant equity in funding.

“We met with representatives from our home state, including Senator Tammy Baldwin, Senator Ron Johnson, and Congressman Tom Tiffany, requesting their support for our local Tribal colleges and universities back home in Wisconsin. This opportunity was like none other before, and I’m forever grateful for my experience here. I feel extremely proud of the work we’ve accomplished during our time here. Miigwech to those who have supported us on this journey. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.” Andreanna said of her time in Washington, D.C.

Andreanna’s other notable achievements include embarking on a two-week trip to San Vito, Costa Rica, where she conducted a scientific research project with LCOOU’s biology faculty member Harley Fredriksen.  At the 2023 American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) Student Conference, Andreanna competed in archery, knowledge bowl, and the TCU Journal.

“Being surrounded by Indigenous people from across Turtle Island [at AIHEC 2023] was an enriching experience for me! I got to learn about different aboriginal cultures and learn how similar we are, even being thousands of miles away. There were so many students from other TCUs that my team competed against, and we all brought something new to the table,” Andreanna said. 

In March 2023, Andreanna earned the Student of the Month Award, where she said she chose LCOOU “because it felt like a home away from home.” She also said, “I wanted to go to a place that encourages me to learn more about my culture while getting a foundation in higher education and preparation for when I continue my schooling. The people are what make this place welcoming and provide me with a safe space to explore who I am becoming. It is a good mix of offering support and challenging students to achieve their dreams while cultivating Ojibwe traditions. Coming here is one the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself!”

LCOOU’s Student of the Year receives a $1,200 scholarship. The AIHEC Student Conference honors Students of the Year candidates from Tribal Colleges and Universities. AIHEC 2024 will take place March 9-12, at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

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The people are what make this place welcoming and provide me with a safe space to explore who I am becoming. Run 3

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It originated as a dream for the people of Lac Courte Oreilles to achieve and obtain sovereignty for themselves and their future generations drift hunters

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The people are what make this place welcoming and provide me with a safe space to explore who I am becoming. snow rider 3d

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