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A Far Cry: Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Editor’s Note: The following article is a submitted article aimed at assisting individuals with disabilities of all ages and may have helpful information for our tribal members.

By Don Posh

Independent Living Specialist

There have been great strides made to assist people with disabilities with accommodations to manage daily living. Unfortunately, so much effort is made to get through each day that recreation gets overlooked. The desire to enjoy the outdoors has led to some thinking outside the box.

In Burnett County, Don Christensen has taken his passion for hunting and fishing and created a website to help others. His site is loaded with information about the accessible outdoors. The name ( came from a friend that said, “You can’t do things the way you used to but it’s a far cry from sitting on the couch, watching TV hunting shows, and wishing."

Don’s site has two video links. One link is for an Outdoor Bound TV show and the other from The Way Outfitters. Both featured Don. Also, on his site you will find other information about adaptive outdoors ranging from opportunities to special adaptations. You can also read about Don’s journey navigating the changes in his disability as he ages while continuing to enjoy the outdoors.

Don recently reserved the indiGO Track Chair for the bear hunt next fall. A new adventure awaits him! Do you have an adventure on your schedule? Maybe can help to get you there!

For more information on independent living contact: indiGO serving Douglas, Bayfield, Iron, Price, Sawyer, Washburn, and Burnett Counties including Tribal communities of Red Cliff, Bad River, Lac Courte Oreilles and St Croix.

Main office: 800-924-1220 V/TTY

Our non-profit agency, indiGO, aims to empower individuals living with disabilities and we are available to assist ALL ages and disabilities. We are not a vendor and do not sell any products, but we are here as a resource.

Be Well…We’re All in This Together!


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