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101-page Community Resource Directory Available for Dowload on Tribal Website

By Joe Morey

News Editor

On Jan. 10 of this year, the LCO Tribal Governing Board announced the launch of its newly revamped website at designed to offer quick and easy access to essential information and features that offers visitors a more comprehensive understanding of the Lac Courte Oreilles tribe, its government and people.

A major part of that goal was achieved this past week when a new page was added which provides a PDF link to the tribe’s Community Program Resource Directory, a 101-page document available for download that has tons of information on all the services and programs that LCO has to offer including, but not limited to, information on children and family services, education, employment, health and wellness, and emergency services. You can visit the page here

The resource manual was compiled by Rose Gokee, Holly Trepanier, Kristi Perry, Brittney Foster, Dottie Crust and Mike Serio with the needs of the community in mind. The program states, “While working on this directory our team has found that there are many great programs within our community that provide opportunities in education, health, life emergencies and more. It is hoped that when looking for services, the Community Program Resource Directory will provide a great start to understanding what services are available, where to find them and if applicable what the eligibility requirements are, and how to apply.”

The website also has an easily accessible news section with updated tribal news and events, including sections on cultural, business, programs, community and tribal governance information. All the news stories printed in the tribe’s media outlets are published first to the All News section of the tribal website.

There are many new pages being added every week to the tribal website which include the goal of having all tribal programs and entities having their own informational page with basic program content, links to the program’s website or social media pages and more. These pages are constantly being updated as the program directors and entity managers submit their information.

Another page added, which is still being updated, is the Boards and Commissions page which lists all the committees within the tribe overseeing all the tribal entities and programs. The information on the page includes who is on the board, its purpose, when they meet, how much they are paid and more. You can check it out here

The new website was designed to have a clean, uncluttered look, improved functionality to make it easily navigable for the visitor and enhanced rich content providing more detailed and focused information on the tribal programs and tribal functions, as well as regularly updated vital news and information.

"We are excited about the tribe’s new website and how it continues to improve and grow. Our website is a valuable resource with the information it provides for the tribal membership,” said Louis Taylor, LCO Chairman. “This is a huge step in our mission to provide better communication with the membership and to be more transparent. The tribal governing board believes that this new site will allow our members to have a very informative experience as we continue to move forward in this new digital age where information moves at the speed of a button click."

You can explore the website at


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