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1000th Person Vaccinated at LCO Clinic

Stating, "I got vaccinated today because I wanted to be protected against Covid-19," Hayward High School Senior, Bineshi Kuykendall, was the 1000th person to receive at least their first dose of the vaccine at the LCO Community Health Center.

Bineshi, who works for Dairy Queen in Hayward, was presented with a gift basket from the clinic staff. She received the Moderna version which is approved for 18 years and up.

"We congratulate Bineshi for her foresight to work towards protecting herself and others by getting vaccinated," stated Gary Girard, LCO Health Center Director.

The clinic also announced today that they have received a large shipment of the Pfizer vaccine and will begin vaccinating anyone ages 16 years and up.

"We ask that all tribal members and their families get vaccinated as soon as possible. Please call the clinic at 715-638-5100 to get on our Wednesday schedules. We have enough vaccines for who call."

Pictured from L-R) Dr. Steven Miszkiewicz, Medical Director, Bineshi Kuykendall, and Health Center Director Gary Girard.


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