Week 9 and 10 of the NFL season were the qualifying rounds (scroll down for the total points after two weeks) and then they were placed into the playoff brackets.

Week 11 will be the field of 64. Week 12 will be the field of 32 and then the Sweet Sixteen in Week 13. The Elite 8 will pick ‘em in Week 14. The Final Four will participate in Week 15 and the Championship Match up will pick ‘em in Week 16.


Each challenge participant who reaches the Final Four will receive a prize package listed;


The Semi-finalists will each receive a package that includes area gift certificates worth $100 which include $25 to La Tequila Mexican Restaurant & Bar, $25 to Coop's Pizza, $20 to LCO Country Store, $10 to TnT Sports Bar & Grill, $10 gas at LCO Quick Stop and more to be announced soon. The 2nd place finisher will receive all the above gift certificates plus $100 in additional gift certificates which so far includes another $25 from La Tequila, $30 from Lynn's Custom Meats, $10 to TnT Sports Bar & Grill, $10 gas at LCO Quick Stop. The Champion will receive all the above ($200 in gift certificates) and $200 cash from the LCO Tribe as our main Pick 'Em Madness sponsor.


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playoff brackets

Names of the Challengers will be added to the Brackets after Week 10

Scroll down below the brackets for the Ranks of the Challengers based on their picks over Week 9 and Week 10

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qualifier points

Points will be totaled over Weeks 9 and 10 of the NFL season and Ranks of the Challengers based on their total points will be updated here. The top 64 point getters will enter the Field of 64 Playoff Brackets below.

Here are the Final Ranks

  1. Michael Quaderer750

  2. Hunter Karaszewski 745

  3. Renae Ford 740

  4. Faith McKnight 735

  5. Shane Obert 725

  6. Dave Dixon 725

  7. Cameron Quaderer 685

  8. Luke Stone 680

  9. Matt Taylor Sr 655

  10. Joe Morey 625

  11. Doug Merrill 620

  12. Jacob Trepanier 615

  13. Ike Garcia 610

  14. Amanda Martinson 600

  15. Marie Wooten 585

  16. Will LaPointe 560

  17. Matt Taylor Jr 540

  18. George Taylor Jr530

  19. Vicki Meyer 515

  20. Sirella Ford 500

  21. Rosie Miller 490

  22. John Baker 475

  23. Ryan Meyer 455

  24. Mike Denasha445

  25. Valerie Shirriff420

  26. Ferguson Funmaker 405

  27. Melvin Buckholtz380

  28. Michelle Taylor380

  29. Trent Strapon380

  30. Kia Hmielewski 360

  31. Dylan LaFave355

  32. David Dennis350

  33. Patti Quaderer 335

  34. Annie Merrill 335

  35. Daniel Abeita330

  36. Brandon Lussier325

  37. Marcus Carley320

  38. Frank Taylor280

  39. Robert Fleming245

  40. Jill Elizabeth245

  41. Scott Johnson 240

  42. Carla Karaszewski220

  43. Gwen Carl215

  44. Justin Decorah205

  45. Elaine Thayer185

  46. Devin Begay180

  47. Rachel Martin175

  48. Meloney Miller140