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Work Recovery Program Through Jack Link's Presented to TGB

By Joe Morey

News Editor

A Work Recovery Program was presented to the LCO Tribal Governing Board (TGB) by Jeff Crone that would provide for transportation to and from work at Jack Link’s in Minong for about a dozen tribal members. Crone said the program would be for young families who are in recovery from addiction and who want to work.

Crone would drive them in a 15-passenger van back and forth on the shift that he currently works, which is a weekend shift, 12 hours on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Jesse Gonzalez, Human Resource Manager for Jack Link’s, told the TGB that they are in need of nearly 100 workers after their sales have dramatically increased since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Seventy of these openings are just for the Pack Room in the Minong plant, which is where Crone works as a food safety/quality inspector.

Crone said his program would utilize tribally-controlled transportation and be open to tribal member clientele who are in recovery and/or incarcerated that want to work as part of their recovery.

“I’d work with recovery staff, probation agents, ICW staff, county workers, etc on behalf of the program participants,” Crone told the TGB. Crone said he would be willing to attend recovery and/or other meetings on behalf of recovering clientele when available.

“I’d also attend court hearings and or ICW staff meetings upon request with or for the work program participants and maintain their confidentiality,” Crone added.

Crone said Jack Link’s is hiring at $14.50 to 16.00 hourly starting wage and these jobs also pay at $18.00. He added there is a lot of overtime also available at time and a half.

“These are good paying positions with full benefits,” noted Crone.

LCO TGB Member Tweed Shuman said the Tribe currently has a significant workforce. He noted Sevenwinds didn’t bring back their entire workforce after closing during the pandemic.

The Jack Link’s HR team will be at the Peter Larson Room this coming Wednesday, October 7th from 10am to 2pm to promote open jobs, benefits, referral bonus and the many other things Jack Link’s has to offer in Minong.

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