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When You're Body Tells You It's Break Time

By Don Posh IndiGO

For many of us, we acquire some habits through life that often stay with us as we age and retire. Get R’ done, we’ve heard it and practiced it. At the end of our working years we notice the slow down. We reflect on what we got done in a much shorter time when we were younger. That’s natural! Accepting that younger version of ourselves doesn’t exist anymore is a difficult pill to swallow.


Our health is often neglected until we are forced to make changes. Our bodies will tell us regulate our activity or we can suffer the consequences.

An example of my own is from injuries to my neck from an auto accident. We prepare meals which involves lots of time cutting up meat and vegetables. That task can irritate my neck. I have learned to take a break when my neck tells me to no matter if I only have 5 more minutes or less left to finish. It’s not worth it to “Get R’ Done”. It can be 3 days or even a week of suffering if I don’t take that break. How much did I get done then? All I need to do is stop for a little while and do some stretching on my neck and shoulders. By doing that I could then finish the job and do it again the next day. That lesson brings about another old saying “Once Bitten Twice Shy”.


Take a break when your body tells you to or just because you want to. When we adapt to changes in our health we suffer less. In my time with indiGO I have had many opportunities to witness those who accept and adapt to their disabilities and thrive. Do you want to thrive?


Be well, We’re all in this together!

For more information on independent living contact: indiGO serving Douglas, Bayfield, Iron, Price, Sawyer, Washburn, and Burnett Counties including Tribal communities of Red Cliff, Bad River, La Courte Oreilles and St Croix.

Main office: 800-924-1220 V/TTY

Our non-profit agency, indiGO, aims to empower individuals living with disabilities and we are available to assist ALL ages and disabilities.  We are not a vendor and do not sell any products, but we are here as a resource.


Be Well…We’re All in This Together!


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