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Waadookodaading Recognizes One of Their Ojibwe Language Teacher Trainees

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Waadookodaading's Esther Martinez Immersion grant is in full swing into year three, according to Dixie Dorman, ANA Program Manager. The teacher trainees are doing wonderful in progressing in their Ojibwe speaking levels through the courses. The teacher training immersion classes are taught by Dr. Micheal Sullivan.

The program wishes to honor one of their teacher trainees for grades 7-8 at Waadookodaading.

Catherine Niizhoobinesiikwe Carlson has been a teacher trainee for a year and a half and just this year has transitioned to being a lead teacher.

“I got my Bachelor's Degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and did some more studying towards my educational certification at Northland College,” Carlson states.

Carlson said she loves most about the kids is how much they teach her about how to be a better person.

“I learn something new every day about myself while I'm teaching and those kids have no idea how much they actually teach me,” Carlson said. “What I love most about teaching for Waadookodaading is that it is the realization of the dream I've had since my first day of Ojibwe class in College. I wanted to be a teacher here from the moment I started learning our language and it was always my goal to be doing what I'm doing right now. I always say the worst day working here is still better than the best day teaching anywhere else, and I believe it. What's more is that I feel it in the family we've made here with our students and staff.”

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