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Vaccinations Now Available for All Tribal Members and Their Families

Gary Girard, ED. D., M.S., B.A.

LCO Health Center Director, LCO Public Health Officer

LCOHC has vaccinated over 1,100 patients in the past 75 days. We have given over 1,600 total doses of vaccine since 12/15/2020, 146 Pfizer and the rest Moderna. We have vaccinated 1129 patients as of today either partially or fully. Our plan is to continue give first doses the next 2 Wednesdays and then for 4 straight weeks give the second doses, meaning that by the first week of April we will have over 1,500 patients fully vaccinated.

In order to accomplish this task, we have closed the health center the last 2 Wednesdays and will do so the next 6 Wednesdays. During mass vaccine days on Wednesdays, we will still provide Pharmacy and walk-in services. Patients wanting a vaccine can call the Health Center at 715-638-5100. We are vaccinating tribal members age 16 and older as well as family members of tribal members, tribal employees, and essential health care workers, EMT, Police, & Fire. We are also working with our community partners and will be opening vaccinations up to Hayward Community school employees when available.

We have also noticed a slowdown in the number of Covid-19 testing as well as positivity rates. We believe a combination of those whom has contracted the disease and have developed antibodies with those whom have been vaccinated has contributed to a decline in the disease spread. Please continue to follow the CDC guidelines of wearing face masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing, disinfecting, and avoiding gathering of 10 or more to protect yourselves and our community.

Based on the slowing of the spread of the disease the health center will be gearing up services at the health center during the month of March. We will be seeing more patients. We have 5 providers and 9 RN on our staff. We have hired 2 chiropractors and are available for Chiropractic care 5 days per week. Our Addiction Recovery Center at the Bizhiki building is working hard to address substance abuse. We have called almost all of our employees back to work on site. We have interviewed a dentist and hope she will be joining our team soon.

Finally, we have met with TGB and discussion on building a new health center is underway. We would like to thank everyone for your patience during this past year as Covid-19 has created difficulty for us all. Take care, be safe, and God Bless everyone.


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