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Update on Tribe's Emergency Food Basket Program

By Karen Gordon

I am pleased to be giving everyone an update regarding the Emergency Food Basket distribution.

Since the first week that the LCO Tribal Council, LCO Emergency Task Force and the LCO College had started the Emergency Food Baskets for our community, we have delivered a total of 283 food baskets that went to elders, people in need, people in self-quarantine, and the homeless.

The Emergency Food Basket program was initiated by Stephanie St.Germaine, Rebecca St.Germaine, Russell Swaggart, James Schlender, Kim Beaudin, Karen Breit, Brittney Foster, Roxanne Martinson, and Shane Corbine.

I would like to give special thanks to Cheyenne Taylor, Jason Flores, Storm Belille, Hannah Burch, Dan Sullivan, Keshia Chino, Sirella Ford, Billie Berry, Ricky St.Germaine, Mark St.Germaine, Derek Nebel, Chalice Wade for continuing to volunteer by helping assemble and deliver food baskets, and Shane Corbine for cooking lunches that go along with the food baskets, and many other volunteers that have helped since March 19, 2020.

I would also like to express gratitude for the many donations that were received from LCO Tribal Council, Northwoods Community Food Shelf, Northwoods Humane Society, LCO Elders Association, Koobies Coffee, LCO Community Health Center, LCO College, LCO Food Distribution, and many community members. Without your support the Emergency Food Baskets would not have been possible.

Cheyenne Taylor will be taking over as the coordinator for Emergency Food Baskets as of Monday May 4, 2020. If you are in need of a food basket please call 715-558-7911. For individuals that have already received a food baskets and need a basket in the future, you will also need to call each week.

Emergency Food Baskets are assembled and delivered every Thursday afternoon.

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