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Tribal History Class Visits St. Francis Cemetery and Kinnamon Museum

The LCO Ojibwe School Native Literature/Tribal History Class was able to take a field trip to visit the Kinnamon School and St. Francis Cemetery with a purpose of helping Memorial Day become more visceral for the Juniors that participate in the class, but also to recognize a special subset of veterans... from the Civil War, the class teacher, Holly Bacha, explained.

"Remarkably, there were 16 veterans from LCO who served in the Civil War and 9 of them are buried in the St. Francis Cemetery," Bacha noted. "Though the gravestones are quite weathered, the students' determination proved effective, and they found 8 of those 9 veterans' gravesites."

Bacha also said Faith Smith at Kinnamon has been instrumental in this information coming to light, and we are so grateful to her for her insight and research.

"The students were very happy to get her perspective yesterday at the school as well," Bacha stated.


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