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Time: New Year Puts Emphasis on Reflection and Projection

By Don Posh IndiGO

Another year goes into the history books. The New Year celebrations emphasize the passage of time with reflection and projection. As we age there is much more reflection than projection. I guess that’s why we often find ourselves watching TV shows from the past. The past is so much easier to deal with. We look back to our school days, becoming adults, created relationships, family and good times we had. Looking ahead is a bit more difficult. Dr. visits, the diagnosis, the pain of a lifetime of labor and the fear of the futures of our children and grandchildren.

We’re still here. Despite all the trials and tribulations of life, we must have made some good decisions. I can look back and think of some that didn’t even live long enough to enjoy a first date or graduation day. There are so many that are not with us who never got the chance to be old. Being old is a badge of honor, wear it proudly.

Time marches on. It is the one thing that connects every living thing on earth. Hopefully our New Year resolutions can lead to an extension of time so we can reflect on this in 2025.

Happy New Year…We’re All in This Together!

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