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TGB Seeks Survey Input from Membership on Spending ARP Funds

By Lorene Bookii Wielgot

ARP Coordinator

On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, the Tribal Governing Board employed Brian Bisonette and Lorene (Bookii) Wielgot to coordinate development of prioritized plans of the Tribe for its $39.7 million dollars in Fiscal Recovery Funds of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act over the next two years.

ARP Funds must be used to respond to the COVID–19 public health emergency and its economic impacts; however, within the eligible use categories[1], Tribal governments have flexibility to determine how it will use recovery funds to meet the needs of their communities including resources “to address economic challenges that may have contributed to more severe impacts of the pandemic among low-income communities and people of color.”

Council was unanimous in their decision to provide another financial stimulus to the membership. Community projects are still in the planning stage and there will be several surveys underway to collect input of the membership as to what projects to prioritize. Look for a general feedback survey on Facebook and a SurveyMonkey shared via email (sample survey follows).

Louis Taylor, Tribal Chairman, added that “we want to make sure that these resources provide a long-term solution to our economic conditions and that any project developed over these next two years will be self-sufficient – that they can stand on their own without continued tribal financial support.”

Please contact project staff, Brian Bisonette ( or Lorene Wielgot (, for further information.

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