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TGB Passes Amended ATV/UTV Code for Use Within Rez Boundaries

LCO Tribal Government

Press Release

The Tribal Governing Board ratified the amended ATV/UTV code for use within the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation boundaries. The code provides for a set time of operation from sunrise to sundown, residential operations restrictions, and a bi-annual ATV/UTV registration fee. The fee to be collected has been designated for ATV/UTV trail maintenance and development. The LCO Police Department and LCO Conservation will be responsible for enforcement. All citations issued on reservation will be heard in the LCO Tribal Court. Violators of the ATV/UTV code will be subject to civil forfeitures and/or possible impoundment of ATV/UTVs.

A national rising interest in ATV/UTV recreation prompted the TGB to amend the previous ordinance which restricted use of the ATV/UTVs to marked trails and prohibited operation on roadways. A concern for the safety of our members coupled with a duty to preserve reservation property prompted the need to amend the code. To properly address the community needs, the Tribal Governing Board passed the amended ATV/UTV Code on October 21, 2022. The code still prohibits ATV/UTV use on logging roads and in proximity sacred sites. All ATV/UTV users are encouraged to stay on marked roadways and marked trails, to follow all safety laws, including the use of helmets, and to respect the residential communities by observing speed limits on less than 10 mph and avoid traveling through communities in large groups if it can be avoided.

The Tribal Governing Board primary goal is the safety of our communities while balancing the safe and proper use of our trails and roadways for all ATV/UTV users. The ATV/UTV policy allows our Tribal Police and Conservation Departments to patrol ATV/UTV use to ensure compliance with tribal law. The TGB is preparing a driver safety program to address any concerns of safe operation of ATV/UTVs, more on the safety programs as collaboration with the tribal and state agencies is developed. A copy of the new ATV/UTV Code will be found here:

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