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TGB Lowers Cost of Firewood Delivery for All Tribal Members

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The LCO Tribal Governing Board (TGB) unanimously approved lowering the cost of a load of firewood delivery from $600 down to the cost of $350 that has been provided to tribal elders.

The load is 10 cords and prior to delivery of the load from LCO Conservation, a receipt must be provided by the LCO Tribal Office Accounting Dept.

At their meeting on Monday, Oct. 5, the TGB took the action after a motion was made by Gary "Little Guy" Clause, seconded by Tweed Shuman, to lower the price for all tribal members living within the tribe's service area of Sawyer County. Little Guy brought it up during a discussion on increasing the tribal budget for Elder Services.

"There's a lot of wood up there and we don't give it away it's going to rot," Little Guy explained. He also noted during the pandemic this would help struggling tribal members heat their homes.

Application, copy of Tribal ID and Receipt or receipted copy of payroll deduction form must be turned in to the Conservation Department in order to be placed on the list. Tribal employees may do payroll deduction at $50 per week, once the deduction starts it cannot be stopped.

Shuman added, "We also are in the process of cleaning up past debt with some utility companies like jump river for tribal members during pandemic using Cares Act funds."

Woodlot cards are not available at this time. They will available within the next few weeks. GUIDELINES: *15 mile radius home delivery from reservation boundary *Have your site prepped upon ordering to delivery, no low hanging branches and driveway must be wider than 9 feet. *If your designated spot isn't accessible per our driver/hauler, he will place where he can. NO EXCEPTIONS! *If there is an issue or conflict, contact our office and speak to the Conservation Director. Do not take it up with our driver/hauler. Tribal Members are allowed only one program, either Woodlot Card or Home Delivery.


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