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TGB Issues Letter to Employees Regarding Hazard Pay Bonuses

Letter to LCO Tribal Government Employees:

We want to clarify the information put out regarding a bonus that was recently distributed. We apologize that all employees hadn't received the bonus. The list of employees was a work-in-progress and due to miscommunications, the payments were processed without the list of employees being complete.

The original payments that went out were for those assisting in getting the CARES Act funds to our members by printing checks, sorting, developing verification forms, changing addresses, handing out checks, taking the additional phone calls, emails, paying vendors for utility bills, helping get the new buildings built, and purchasing items needed for COVID response and emergency services.

From the start, we wanted to show appreciation to all our employees who continued to work thru the pandemic, keeping our businesses running , our programs operating, and working the front lines. The Tribal Governing Board will be presenting all tribal government employees with additional compensation.

Thanks for all you do for our Tribe and our Membership.

Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board


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