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TGB Approves $750 Gift to All Tribal Members

By Joe Morey

News Editor

On Monday, Nov. 14, the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board (TGB) approved giving every Tribal Member who is of 18 years of age as of Dec. 31, 2022, a $750 gift, but the gift would be awarded in two separate phases. The first phase would be given to Members living within the Tribe’s service area (on Reservation and within Sawyer County), while the details of the second phase are still be worked out.

The TGB is urging all Tribal Members living outside of Sawyer County to please be patient as details are still being worked out.

“Last year we were overwhelmed with lines out to the parking lot and we just didn’t want that to happen this time because it’s cold outside,” stated Chairman Louis Taylor. He also said the procedure last time used too many Accounting Department staff and that they were taken from their usual jobs because they were set up in the Peter Larson Room of the Tribal Office. This time, the administrative secretaries will simply hand out gift cards at the front desk.

The $750 will be given during the first phase in the form of a gift card and may be used however the Member likes, whether it be personal needs, bills or personal expenses.

TGB Member Don Carley added they decided to divide it up into two separate phases because it would be easier on the Tribe’s cash flow. He added they were still working on how and when the second phase would be paid out, for example, it may be in the form of a check rather than a gift card.

The gift cards are in the form of a debit card which you can use at any ATM, online, or at any business of your choice. The gift cards will be available to pick up at the LCO Administration Building (Tribal Office) starting Tuesday, Nov. 15. Gift cards must be picked up at the Tribal Office in person. You can only pick up your own gift card. For active military and incarcerated members, you may pick up your gift card upon release.

The gift cards will be your responsibility once you pick it up at the Tribal Office. You will need to sign for the gift card. Please keep the sleeve that the card comes in for instructions in case your card is lost or stolen. No gift cards will be replaced by the Tribe.

“We take this opportunity to wish our Tribal Members a happy, heartwarming, and healthy Winter Season,” The TGB stated.

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