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TGB Approves $6 million in Construction Projects at LCO

By Joe Morey News Editor

The LCO Tribal Governing Board at its Monday, June 1 meeting, unanimously approved $6 million in construction projects to begin on the reservation immediately from the CARES Act funds received two weeks ago.

The projects include an estimated $3,080,800 for a new Day Care Center to be constructed near the Four Corners of Froemel Road and Trepania Road on the footprint of the LCO Early Headstart/Headstart. The construction estimate includes a playground, facility and architectural costs.

A new Fire Hall will be built with $1,250,000 of the funds and a plan will be developed that renovates the current facility into a 4-classroom expansion of the LCO Ojibwe School which will be used for the Waadookodading Environmental Charter School.

LCO Chairman Louis Taylor commented the renovation of the current fire hall may not fit into the time frame of spending CARES Act funds by December 31 of this year. The TGB then discussed a plan the school currently has to lease two modular homes to be used as the needed classrooms at the start of the school year until the renovation is complete.

The TGB also committed $880,682 for their match in the $2,154,082 estimated cost of the Tribal Office Expansion project which will build an additional 6,998 square feet of office space and remodel 3,436 square feet providing more needed space for the Tribal Court and other services. The rest of the cost is funded by grants.

In order to help improve communications throughout the reservation, the TGB committed $198,000 to a new WOJB tower and antennae.

TGB aims to use CARES Act funds to purchase two homes that were built partially on the reservation, half on and the other half on non-tribal land. TGB member Tweed Shuman said the Tribe will offer to buy the homes from the non-Tribal owners so that we can use the homes as rental units to supplement a housing shortage on the reservation. The cost is $180,000.

Additionally, three Home Improvement Project homes occupied by tribal Elders will be renovated at a cost of $50,000 per home for a total of $150,000.

The Tribe is in need of a Wheel Loader for the construction projects, so TGB added this purchase to the CARES Act funds at a cost of $240,000 and finally, $127,000 will be used to pay for two project planners/managers, which are Brian Bisonette and Booki Weilgot. They will both oversee the construction project funding.

In summary:

Day Care Center; $3,080,800 Fire Hall; $1,250,000 T.O. Expansion; $880,682 WOJB Antennae; $198,000 Trespass Homes; $180,000 HIP Renovations; $150,000 Wheel Loader; $240,000 Project Managers; $127,000

Total: $6,106,482


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