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Tenants Now Paying Rent as Part of New Policy for Covid Homes

By Joe Morey

News Editor

As an update to the unanimously approved rental policy for tribal members occupying Covid homes, trespass homes and HIP homes on the Reservation that was passed in November of 2022, LCO Tribal Governing Board member Michelle Beaudin told LCO News that the Tribe has a policy in place and that all renters are following it and paying rent as well.

The Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board (TGB) unanimously approved the policy which states any person staying in one of the aforementioned homes when there is no longer an immediate emergency or no longer has Covid, they will be required to pay $500 per month for a 90-day lease, which will include utilities.

James Schlender Jr, the Tribe’s Attorney General, stated the TGB had several objectives which included addressing the homeless who had nowhere to go and were in need for a while; providing a policy for when they were no longer in that situation and a way for them to transition from that situation; and for persons coming out of treatment facilities and had nowhere to go.

Schlender pointed out the new policy will also address some TGB concerns regarding no drug use in the homes and that the shelters are short-staffed and operating on skeleton crews.

“This new policy will make sure there is accountability for the occupant,” Schlender stated. “This is meant to be only a transition and they have to continue looking for a place to live.”

The policy also states no other people are to live in the homes with the approved occupant.

The TGB vote was 4-0-0 with Don Carley and Glenda Barber not present for the meeting. Chairman Louis Taylor only votes in a tie.


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