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Successful Elk Hunt Results in Shared Harvest with LCO Elders

The 11 Chippewa Tribes of Wisconsin were allotted five Bull Elk tags for the Wisconsin 2021 Elk Harvest Season. LCO was not one of the tribes whom drew a tag but we were able to obtain a tag from Mole Lake whom got it from Mille Lacs band. Neither of those tribes were successful in harvesting the elk but were generous to share that tag with us. The LCO hunters were Gary Girard and Thomas Carley. On the morning of December 24th, 2021, Tom Carley spotted some elk. LCO Game Warden, Henry Bearhart was on site. Henry approved the shot and the animal was harvested by Gary Girard. Joe Girard, Zane Girard, Frank Miller, Derrick Miller, and Mike Denasha arrived to skin, quarter, and pack the animal out of the woods. The animal was processed and the meat was shared with tribal elders.


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