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Spring Clean Up Announcement Issued for 2022

Spring Clean Up plans are being made. We will not publish the schedule until it is closer to the date, but we are planning to start in May. We don’t want people to leave their belongings out for long periods of time.

It is important to note that we are only picking up large items such as: Furniture, tires, large toys, etc.

We will not pick up small items such as: Paper/cardboard products, packaging materials, loose debris, etc.

We will also not pick up the following items: Bagged garbage (even if it’s in an LCO Bag), TV’s, Computers, Electronics, Household hazardous materials, petroleum products, paints, batteries.

We are selling discounted LCO Bags for 10 bags/$10 or 50 bags/$40. Please utilize these bags for disposal of your garbage that will not be picked up by the Spring Clean Up Crews. We have plenty of bags that need to be sold before they begin the biodegradation process.

After our crews are done picking up on the scheduled dates, we will have expanded hours at the Recycling Center to finish disposing of your Spring Clean Up materials. At this time, we will be able to accept more materials such as electronics, household hazardous materials, petroleum products, paints and batteries.

For more information, please call the LCO Public Works Department at 715-634-0345.

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