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Some LCO Ojibwe School Fall Sports to Proceed as Scheduled

By Joe Morey

News Editor

Despite the LCO Ojibwe School beginning classes virtually rather than in-person on September 1, some Fall sports will begin on schedule.

The school’s athletic director, Dion Doyle, received approval from the school board to allow the middle and high school cross country team to continue to practice and attend meets.

“Our 7th & 8th grade and high school football players also were approved to participate fully in the Co-op with the Hayward High school as in years past,” LCO School Director Jessica “Hutch” Hutchison stated. “But we decided to move the middle and high school volleyball seasons to the spring. The move to the spring is prompted by the loss of all of the scheduled games, since all the teams we play against have opted to move their seasons to the spring. As an independent school and not belonging to a conference, we lost the potential to compete since most conferences have shifted to a conference only schedule.”

Hutch sent a letter to parents on August 20, informing them the school has decided to go completely virtual at the start of the school year on September 1st, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hutch said the changes will remain in effect until September 21st.

In regards to when in-person classes do resume, Hutch said, “We are requiring masks and have two thermoscan walk-through temperature monitors being used.

Below is the flow chart that was sent out to parents that will act as a guide when the school reopens.


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