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Signor Projects Considered with Enbridge Funds

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The topic of the Signor community’s water system has come up in recent tribal governing board discussions as one of the ideas for using Enbridge funds.

“Signor is a top priority for a water system,” said Jason Weaver, LCO Secretary-Treasurer. “Much like New Post, it is a small community and it is often overlooked by I.H.S. for funding these expensive infrastructure projects. I know that water quality has been an on-going issue that can only be addressed with a proper community water system.”

Weaver added that Signor needs new housing as well. Their community has outgrown the housing and when people want to come home, there is no where for them to go, he noted.

Chairman Louis Taylor said they have talked about moving the wells up away from the center of the Signor community and added that any new housing for Signor would also be located in the same area as the new wells.

“It’s very important that Signor gets a new water system,” Taylor said. “I know how bad their water is. Although it’s safe to drink and it’s been tested, it still has a look and a smell, and no one should have to drink that.”

Weaver also said the tribal governing board has discussed working with community members this spring to help bring some attention to the community and find out their priority list. He added they know what they want and what they need.

“The lack of a proper park or Pavilion near the river where community events can be held has been brought up as well,” Weaver said.


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