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Sevenwinds Casino Makes $7,777 Donation to LCO Toys for Tots and Teens

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The Sevenwinds Casino made a couple of special donations this holiday season to tribal programs working to insure the children of the Lac Courte Oreilles Community have a very Merry Christmas, one of which was the LCO Toys for Tots and Teens program.

Each year, LCO TRAILS Coordinator Patti Quaderer, runs the toys program, a huge project for the crew involved because they shop and then sort and then bag up all those presents, all while coordinating the families and seeing to the delivery or pick up.

Not only did the casino make this huge donation, the LCO Tribal Governing Board also donated $15,000 to make sure it was a huge success and that it was.

Quaderer said they served over 290 families with 430 kids.

"We spent about 15,000 on gifts so far this year as of Thursday. We still need to shop for more but the weather was bad today so we are going to finish Friday or Monday," Quaderer said.

You get an idea of just how big and awesome this program is by checking out the photos below.

Those who helped Quaderer include Rachael Fleming, LCO Foster Care Administrative Assistant, Jennie LaRonge, LCO Foster Care Coordinator, Julie Loder, LCO ICW Case Worker, Reanna Barthel,LCO ICW Case Worker, and Alicia Cross-CST coordinator.


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