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Second Round Dance to Take Place at Sevenwinds Casino

By Joe Morey News Editor

The second annual “Reclaiming Our Children” Round Dance is scheduled for Friday, February 7, at the Sevenwinds Casino Conference Center. Flyer for the event is below.

Last year’s successful Round Dance had 660 guests attend the event which is coordinated for this particular weekend to be held the evening prior to the Bad River Round Dance on Saturday, Feb. 8. The idea is to attract the same guests who are coming into the area for the weekend.

The Friday night schedule includes a feast at 5:00 pm, followed by a Pipe Ceremony at 6:00 pm, a Hand Drum Contest at 6:30 pm and the Round Dance at 7:00 pm.

Last year’s event was originally proposed by LCO Vice Chairman at the time, Jason Schlender. Following the event Schlender reported the huge turnout for the event was a boon for the local economy filling up hotel rooms and restaurants.

Schlender said the initial reason came about when the tribal council was talking about breaking up the monotony of the long winter. He mentioned there used to be a mid-winter feast or get-together, but we wanted to have something else going on as well.

Schlender explained the round dance comes from the Cree people. It’s a ceremonial dance that uses small hand drums and a different beat than contemporary pow-wows.

“The style of dance is unique as well which makes it different from a pow-wow where a big drum is used,” Schlender explained. “Powwows and some round have become more social dances that feature exhibition dancing and singing. Pow-wows also feature different types of regalia and protocol. There are ceremonial significances that should not be disclosed publicly unless tobacco and gifts have been rendered first.”

Dr. Mike Sullivan and Joey Awonohopay will be the MC’s with the stickman, Jason Kingbird, whipman, Mike DeMain and pipeman, Jason Schlender.

For vendor contact info, Paul Lacapa at 715-699-4359 and Round Dance info, Jason Schlender at 715-292-1649.


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