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Robert Thayer Becomes 2nd Graduate of the Healing to Wellness Court

Robert Thayer became the 2nd graduate from the Healing to Wellness Court, and was recognized in a special ceremony on Nov. 30th. Robert entered the Healing to Wellness Court program on February 11, 2020 and steadfastly worked his way through the four phases of the program, according to LCO Tribal Judge Elaine Smith. The four phases are 1) tobacco; 2) cedar; 3) sage; and 4) sweetgrass.

Smith said the Wellness Court team, which is composed of various program staff, is very proud of his success and congratulates him on his graduation.

In the photos below are Thayer with L-R) Court Commissioner William Trepanier, Jennifer Hole, Jon Jaedike, Thayer, Wellness Court Case Manager Roseanne Barber, and Sue Aasen. In the lower photos are Thayer pictured with Judge Smith and Trepanier; Roseanne Barber and Lorraine Gouge, TGB Member.


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