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Public Notice to Candidates from the LCO Election Committee Regarding Campaign Events

Submitted by Election Committee

Janet Quaderer, Chair

TO: 2023 Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board Election Candidates RE: Tribal Election Campaign Events at Tribal properties.

Boozhoo LCO Election Candidates, This is a notice to all Candidates for the 2023 Tribal Governing Board Election. The following Tribal properties are authorized to host campaign events under the following conditions: Tribal government Facilities: Kinnamon School/Museum

Signor Community Center

Reserve Elderly Center New Post Community Center

Peter Larson Room Casino Ballfield You must check-in with the facility manager prior to use. All events must be held after normal business hours (after 5 pm M-F, from 10am-6pm Sat and Sun). All events are drug and alcohol free. Candidates are responsible for the cleaning and removing all campaign materials after the event.

Commercial Tribal Facilities: Big Fish Golf Clubhouse Sevenwinds Casino and Convention Center LCO Convenience Store LCO Quick Stop These facilities are eligible for use with the same restriction as the government. Candidates are responsible for all user fees. All campaign materials must be removed from the premises after the event. These facilities are not permitted to waive any user fees or rents for the use of the facilities.

Educational facilities:

LCO K-12 Ojibwe School

LCO Ojibwe University

These facilities are eligible for use with the same restriction as Government and Commercial. Candidates are responsible for securing permission for the school prior to the campaign event. The School and the University reserve the right to deny permission of the use of the facilities to any candidate. All campaign material must be removed after the event is completed.

At all Tribal facilities, the campaign events must be drug and alcohol free. Candidates are encouraged to avoid personal attacks or disrespectful language against other candidates while using tribal facilities. All campaign signage must be removed when the event is completed. The candidate is personally responsible for any damage or other cleaning fees that may be requested by the facility manager. All events must be conducted in a respectful manner.

All Candidates are reminded not to interfere with official Election Committee business. If Candidates are found to have interfered, they will be subject to sanctions under tribal law. Any questions or concerns related to the conduct of any candidate must be submitted to the Election Committee in writing. Nothing in this letter can be used as an endorsement of any candidate.


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